Monday, 23 July 2012

An outing to Penshaw Monument

Penshaw Monument isn't too far from where I live, it's around a 22 to 24 mile trip by bike.  It's somewhere I've passed quite a few times but I hadn't actually ventured up the hill to the top where the Monument actually sits. So today I looked out my bedroom window and even though I thought to myself "boy it looks quite windy" I decided to head off to Penshaw and visit the Monument.

Going down the C2C was a breeze, quite literally as the route is down hill and the wind was helping me along down the route. I had only rode a few miles and didn't feel too well as I had this blinding headache,so I pulled over and gave my dad (Ern) a quick call and asked if he wouldn't mind meeting me down at Birtley and bring me some pain killers. Ern was at Chester Le Street anyway as he had taken wor Kyle (my son) to the dentist then dropped him off at the barbers, so it was just a short ride along for him and we pretty much timed it so we met straight away. I popped my pills then was off in the direction of Chester Le Street, turning off to go under the Motorway and up the Newbridge Bank which is on the Chester Road. Then through Shiney Row and on to Penshaw and the Monument.

There is no cycling in the Monument grounds, so it was a case of getting off my bike lifting it over the gate and then pushing my bike up the steep bank to the top. I took quite a few photo's so was stopping here and there both on the way up and down. As usual I got nettled, on my hands this time, makes a change from my leg I suppose lol.

I had a little look around once at the top and admired the fantastic view, the sky was weird looking, really beautiful blue and white fluffy clouds towards the coast and then over towards where I live Stanley, great big heavy looking dark clouds.....ha ha typical.


  I held onto my bike and used it for balance and hopped down the hill, when I got to the bottom I took some more shots.

Thought this image looked quite nice just Black and White

Here's same image in colour

Photo Shopped image I think it looks like an old picture postcard

My Bartlett Tendon
Saturated shot, really makes it stand out

A view through my Bartlett Tendon at Penshaw Monument

Then it was a case of lifting my bike over the exit gate  and there was my dad. He had taken wor Kyle home and decided to pop over to Penshaw for a look out with Mr Hinks. We decided to cross over the road and go to  Penshaw Tea Rooms, for a couple of Blt's and nice hot cuppas.
 It was pleasant surprise my dad turning up as I was  really hungry and the butties went down a treat,
 shared with Mr Hinks of course.

So tea and butties polished off I set off for home, taking in a few more shots on the way back. Some of a Statue which is on the C2C route I call it the "Kings Head" and then more shots of some cows made from old JCB bits n bobs.

Kings Head Statue on the C2C

Say Cheese ;)

 There is four JCB cows,all in different poses. I've only put 2 on thought you may get bored with the whole herd :)

If you follow the below link it gives some great information about the history of Penshaw Monument, very interesting stuff and well worth a read.....

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