Sunday, 22 July 2012

Up @ 3:45 in the am to catch a Sunrise at South Shields

After taking a few shots of the Groyne Lighthouse at South Shields the other week and them not turning out too bad I thought it may be a good subject matter when there was a nice Sunrise. So I Googled what time the Sunrise was due and also checked to see what sort of day it was going to be. It said Sunrise was 4:59 am and weather wise it was supposed to be going to be a pretty nice day.

 I asked my dad and wor Kyle if they were up for a trip to the coast, they both agreed, even when I told them it was an early start. So my alarm went off at 3:45am and we all got ready. I decided I would take my Sandman down with us on the bike rack, thinking I might try and shoot some GoPro footage of me playing about on the beach whilst I was down there (yet to look at video as I've had a rather busy day, will post something if I have managed to capture anything interesting I'm new to this movie making business lol)

 Anyhoo back to the photo's I have had a chance to have a look through them and have to say I was canny disappointed in the outcome. You see when it comes to photography I'm a point and click guy a pure Noob. I have 2 digital camera's a Canon Power Shot SX200 IS and a Panasonic Lumix DMC- FS35, just got the Lumix to replace my old Lumix which mysteriously got broke.

  The Canon is a great camera in my opinion, not that I know much about being a camera critic, the only problem is I don't know how to use it as it has lots of manual settings, stuff like aperture settings,focal length,shutter priority ISO speeds etc etc and loads of other bits n bobs which I don't understand. I should really learn how to use it, thing is I don't have the patience and if someone was to try and teach me I sort of get bored and switch off, like I say I'm a point and click guy. Really I suppose I'm better suited to my ickle Lumix, because that does exactly what it says on the tin, well the box it came in.

  I guess I have been lucky on occasion as some of the shots I've taken using my Canon have come out errr well OK. It is good luck rather than skill on my part, though I do think I have a bit of an artistic eye at times, but relaying it to a  camera then getting a good image is another thing, it can be so frustrating. Just pleased I don't have to use the old fashioned 35mm camera film as I would chuck more than I printed.

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