Friday, 10 August 2012

A pretty interesting day

Like my post title says I've had "a pretty interesting day"..... It all stems from an interview I did for one of my local newspapers, (The Northern Echo) a week or so ago. A couple of very nice guys from the newspaper came out to see me to find out a bit more about me and my story in regards to loosing my limb and also to hear about the fantastic people, clinic and companies  who are supporting me in my mountain biking endeavours.

Earlier today Scott Richardson who is Pace Rehabilitation's Business Development Manager got in touch with me informing me BBC Radio Tees would like to do a short interview with me and was I available. Scott gave me Neil Green's number over at BBC Tees and I got in touch. Neil was busy but I was told he would contact me a little later in the day. I had no sooner put the phone down than a very nice gentleman John Williams from the BBC  rang me asking if I would be interested in doing a short interview and story for Look North......WoW it's all happening I thought. You see I wasn't aware at the time that the article had ran in today's Northern Echo so it seemed a bit weird all of these people calling me and taking an interest in little old me.

Neil as promised rang me back and we arranged for me to pay a visit down to BBC Radio Tees in Middlesbrough where I took part in a small interview, basically explaining what had happened to me, About my mountain biking and how I got to be so fortunate in finding people/companies to help and support me in my journey.

So overall it's been a busy kind of day, though I have thoroughly enjoyed it. The real bonus for me is being able to thank all those people who have supported me. It's also great to be able to spread a little more disability awareness as who knows it could inspire and motivate others.

Checkout the below link for the Northern Echo Article

And the BBC Radio Tees interview can be found here (skip to 1 hour 39 approx to hear my interview)

Just like to go on and thank everyone at the Northern Echo, Gavin Havery (reporter) and Dave the camera/video man.

Everyone at BBC Radio Tees, thanks for the warm welcome and coffee.

Oh and a huge thank you to my dad, your my biggest supporter, always there when I need you and my best friend, cheers dad.....


  1. Terrific stuff Glenn. We are proud to support you. Scott (PACE Rehabilitation)

  2. Thanks Scott I can't thank everyone at Pace Rehabilitation enough. It's fantastic to let people out there know that there are some really nice genuine people and companies out there willing to offer such huge support in order for ordinary people like myself to participate and achieve their goals.

  3. Loved what you achieved, and have to say quite inspirational what I saw on the local BBC news, am a wheelchair user and know people like you inspire people with disabilities/barriers not to give up or accept those barriers. Yours Jonathan Wade @AbleNotDisabled

  4. Hi thanks Jonathan it's always lovely to receive such kind words I really appreciate your comment.