Friday, 10 August 2012

A Sunset at Waskerley

Decided to head straight off up towards Waskerley on our return from Middlesbrough yesterday. I really wanted to try and catch a nice sunset on the reservoir up there but unfortunately we were a little late.

Never mind I did get  some shots, mind you I had to wade through the heather and almost fell a few times to get in position. It's real difficult walking at the best of time with this stoopid leg, but add confounded weeds,undergrowth and heather and well it's just not funny at all.....well maybe to others when I'm either goose stepping to get through the stuff or falling over as I've snagged my foot and my leg gives way unexpectedly lol.

Anyhoo hope you think the shots were worth it, all of the shots have the same basic composition I was messing around with different light settings,apertures etc.  I'm a total noob to this lol.

Near Waskerley on the moors


  1. Mate, these are beautiful photos. I like that you have experimented with exposure/aperture etc. Well done :)
    (its Ade by the way).

  2. Hi Ade undercover ehh haha!!!...Thanks for your compliment, always appreciated. I have to say the more I use this little Canon Compact of mine the more I'm impressed with it. I'm really enjoying capturing stuff. I have picked out my future camera a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100. It's still a compact, but can shoot in Raw mode. All I have to do now is start saving as it's quite expensive at around £500'ish