Friday, 31 August 2012

Got slightly lost in some woods on todays outing.

Ah so where to go for today's ride. I thought I'd mix it up a little with a bit of urban riding setting out from my house through the council estate at Holly Hill and up past the Pines towards South Moor. It was then a case of taking the "Black Path" (We have called it that since we were kids, it used to lead up to the Charlie brick flats, which have long since gone). Then making our way across the busy new road and along towards Greencroft where we could get on to the C2C.  When we arrived at the Jolly Drovers I decided we would head along towards Dipton as I had a route in mind down a rugged farmers  track called Collierley Lane, then across a couple of his fields and this would bring us into Collierley Woods.

Playing at the top end of the farmers Field

Just messing around

 Now it has been about 4 years since I last ventured down this way. I was a bit wary as on my last visit with a mate of mine we both heard and felt an unusual sensation in the ground. At the time it was like "Oh dear what the hell is that", it only turned out a whole heard of cows had come thundering across the field to the gate we wanted to go through. It was quite scary at the time but my friend and I had a good laugh about it after we successfully got through the gate and across the field. I can remember my mate shooing the cows with his bike in front of him and trying not to let any escape out the field, priceless, it's part of why I enjoy getting out on my bike so many good memories to look back upon.

At the bottom of the farmers field was a small jump wheeeeee!!!

Had a few goes it was such fun

Me the Sandman and my Bartlett Tendon, with socket courtesy of Pace Rehab

  Anyhoo getting back to where we were.....Ahh yes both Kyle and I had managed to get through the swamped fields which was a job in itself and here we were at Collierley Woods. I knew from last time that in theory the woods should lead to somewhere near the Derwent Walk and from there we could head up to Consett. So we started following this trail, threading our way through the woods.

Threading my way down the trail, pulling so sweet skids in the pine needles

Everything was fine, then I don't know what happened but we found ourselves loosing what must have been the proper trail and ending up in dense woodland. So dense we couldn't ride, so it was a case of pushing our bikes and then pushing some more, then oh pushing some more.

Eventually we came to some sort of civilization as we found a sign on a proper trail. The sign was to give people a little bit of history about the area we were in. It was to do with the Mystery of the Pont Stones.

See Link Boundary Stones

We decided to venture down to have a look at the stones, or should I say Stone. I was a little disappointed as blink and we would have missed it lol. Never mind it would be cool to explore the area and find some of the other lost stones at some point.

After seeing the stone we had to head across a small stream, this was quite funny as we tried to get across without getting our feet wet. It's tough trying to hang on to a bike and also jump, especially as a one legged bloke. Didn't do to bad though, well put it this way only one of my feet felt slightly wet afterwards. Once on the other side of the stream it was yet more pushing up the steep embankment and to the top.

We managed to find a trail so followed this thinking it would lead us in the general direction of the Derwent Walk. Well things didn't go to plan and even though there was a public footpath  sign and a style into a field I couldn't see a trail. We decided to go in the field anyway and head in the general direction I thought was best to get us on to the cycle route. The field ended in a dead end of hedges, brambles and nettles. Oh crap. We didn't fancy back tracking so went right into the corner of the field which  ran parallel to the woods we had just escaped from. Nightmare a barbed wire fence, ahh  well nothing else for it but to try and get over it. My first attempt was an epic fail managing to get stuck in a precarious position and ripping my shorts. My second attempt was a lot better. Kyle got over no probs, well apart from being nettled. It was then a case of yomping  for around a mile and a half through woodland with absolutely no trail what so ever. This was real tough what with bog holes, fallen trees and branches that kept snagging us. Never mind in the end we found a forestry track and I recognised this as the one I had rode before. Wow I thought how come last time I didn't have to walk miles through all the trees. As we followd the trail down it led to an old gatehouse which is at the side of the B3610. From there it was just a case of a short ride up the bank and then turn off onto the Derwent Walk. We then followed this up to Consett and popped into McDonald's where I had a coffee and a Belgian Brownie. Wor Kyle didn't want anything, which I found strange because usually he would eat the hind leg off a scabby donkey. Whilst at McDonald's I told these young kids off for chucking tomato ketchup all over the ground outside McDonald's. What did they go and do?  go in 2 or 3 times more and come out with more containers filled with sauce and do it again. So me being the good citizen I am and knowing I would get into bother if I gave them a clip round the lug hole (hey it would have happened to me and more in my day) went in and asked for the manager where I informed him of these young delinquents. A couple of the staff came out and chased the kids away and thanked me for bringing it to their attention. I don't know kids today huh!

 Getting home was easy, just a case of back onto the C2C, off at Greencroft, then head along to Anfield Plain, back along the new road and into Stanley. A quick ride down the front Street, of course jumping the steps at the Blue Boar and down our bank and home. A quick hose down of the bikes and that's today's adventure done.

Oh Ps I have just checked Google maps and it appears we also rode/pushed through Bonners Wood,Scot's Bog Wood and Old Mill Wood, wow I really need to get myself a gps lol.


  1. Viewranger GPS app for your phone (OS mapping) and a Pebble power supply (see Amazon). Sorted. Better than hundreds of quid worth of Garmin. What was on fire down the 'Moor this afternoon?


  2. Oh not sure what was ablaze, if it's the Moor hopefully the whole place, it's a bit like Stanley could do with being levelled lol ;)

  3. Got into a routine this week of reading a blog or two of yours when I'm settled in bed. Really entertaining - love your writing style ! And I agree - kids these days ! Coz we were never like that ! ;). Keep blogging - loving your stories and continued inspiration. ��