Friday, 10 August 2012

Whilst I was in Middlesbrough

I was invited along to BBC Radio Tees today to do an interview regarding my limb loss and to chat about my mountain biking and the unique sports knee, the Bartlett Tendon I am using.
After I had finished up at the Radio station I decided to go checkout the Tees Transporter Bridge and also have a look at the Newport Bridge which we had seen on the journey in.

Tees Transporter Bridge

We originally parked just over from the Vulcan wall and I got some shots looking through the walls barred portals.

Looking through the Vulcan Wall

There are a few various plaques detailing the history of the area on the Vulcan Street Wall

Info Plaque

Detailing the Vulcan  Street Wall

Vulcan Street Wall

Locked Gate to the side of the Bridge

I really wanted to get a look at the Tees Transporter Bridge as I had seen it in a local TV series Auf Wiedersehen Pet.

Looking at the deck where the cars get carried over

Slightly different view of car deck

Tees Transporter Bridge Engraved Stone
One of the lights at the end of the bridge

After this it was a quick ride to checkout the Newport Bridge.......The Newport Bridge is another pretty neat feat of engineering. It's not the prettiest bridge in the world, just checkout those huge counter weights used to lift the bridge up and down.

Newport Bridge
Newport Bridge again!!!!

Here's Ern (my dad) with Mr Hinks

Ern and Hinky on the steps at Newport Bridge

Mr Hinks with his happy face....why.....well because he's off his leash and has just ran around like a nutter
Well hope you enjoy my pics ;)

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