Saturday, 24 November 2012

New Bartlett Tendon has arrived

Further to my last post saying I was awaiting the arrival of my new Bartlett Tendon (sporting prosthetic knee) well fantastic news it's arrived.

I managed to  take a few shots last night after I got it home from the UPS delivery office, sorry they aren't exactly mint images, just it was dark in our dinning room and for some reason my camera didn't want to focus on the unit on anything less than an 800 iso setting (hence the grainy appearance). Never mind it gives those of you interested in anything prosthetical (if that is even a word lol) or if you appreciate design, craftsmanship, engineering and the amount of hard work the designer Mr Brian Bartlett has put into this awesome prosthetic device.

So lets have a look at a few pics huh?

The Bartlett Tendon with new "cam" system
Notice there are 3 settings which can be chosen on either "Cam" this is so the tendons can work in different stages of tautness and effect just how much stiffness can be applied to the knee unit.

Still in the box, the Bartlett Tendon, with "Cam" system

Checkout the new RockShox Monarch RT3

Notice the 2 locking pins which go through the "Cams" and lock them in position

One of the locking pins removed from the "Cam"

The 2 locking pins in place through the "Cams"

Anyhoo prepare yourself for the next instalment when I will be fitting my new BT to my Pace Rehabilitation  provided socket  and getting some riding footage, along with a few photo's of me in action . Oh and also doing a little bit of a piece on how the knee works and feels to ride with.

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