Thursday, 22 November 2012

New Bartlett Tendon on it's way

Just over a month or so ago I returned my Bartlett Tendon to it's designer Brian Bartlett in the US. The knee required servicing and Brian wanted to checkout just how the knee was holding up in regards to wear and tear.

Brian now sponsors 5 people around the world, 2 of which are right here in the UK, that's Glyn and myself. We had fantastic news after the return of our knees and this was that Brian was going to further help out with our sponsorship and supply us with the new 2013 Bartlett Tendon complete with the newly designed "Cam" which the tendons run over. This design is still in trials at the moment and Brian has asked us to offer feedback to see how things feel compared with the original "wheeled system"

Both Glyn and myself are very excited about receiving our new high tech knees and can't wait to get in the saddle, or should that be out of it, as the Bartlett Tendon actually allows an above knee amputee to do this. And I don't mean just stand on the pedals, No you can actually ride out of the saddle, thanks to the unique design of the knee which incorporates artificial tendons.

I'm going to keep this post short as I fully intend to do a full write up along with ride pictures and hopefully some video of the new design.

It feels like Christmas has come early this year and I can't wait to unwrap my present.

For further information about the Bartlett Tendon please visit the below link.

Bartlett Tendon

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