Monday, 19 November 2012

Things aren't too bad

Just a quick update for those who read my blog about my current concerns relating to my Lymphoma.

Well today I visited Shotley Bridge hospital for my arranged appointment. I had my blood taken and waited 15 minutes or so before being called in to see the nurse who works on the cancer/haematology side of things. The team who I  see are always so friendly and supportive and today was no different. I was allowed to voice my concerns and it felt very nice to have someone listen then provide feedback in a positive manner.

The nurse then went on to give me an examination,basically the area's where you have lymph glands, so around my neck, under arms, tummy and groin area. I have a rather large node up in my left hand side groin area. The nurse said with the type of lymphoma I have,which is follicular lymph nodes will enlarge and present themselves. There was no abnormalities in my blood so apart from this stoopid lump I seem ok.

After the nurse examined me she asked the doctor to come and check me out so again my lump was examined and the doctor recommended I go for a precautionary CT scan. I'm not worried about the scan as I've had a couple previously, mind you I don't much care for the horrible stuff you have to drink before you have the scan, it tastes horrible. To me it tastes like really and I mean really diluted orange. Not quite water but definitely not pop.

So it's business as usual, continue with my new voluntary job and getting out as much as I can on my bike. Oh and I have arranged a time and date for my interview for the physio assistant's job at University Hospital Durham, so will see how that goes.

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