Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas day out in the mud

Hey Merry Christmas and a very Happy New year to you all...

Since we lost my mom in 2002 we haven't really celebrated Christmas as it's kind of lost it's magic. So today I thought rather than stay in and watch more Christmas re-runs or the Queens speech I would instead head out on my bike for a while.

Yeah the weather wasn't great, but hey riding muddy trails is half the fun.

I got soaked today, yet again and found it increasingly difficult to get my winter gloves back on each time I took them off to mess with my camera, they were so wet and what with them having a double liner they got all bunched up in the fingers. Inevitably I ended up ripping the inner liners so binned them when I got home, oh dear.

I think my Canon camera is suffering because of the wet weather, can't blame the camera as it's not a water proof model, so again struggled for any shots at all.

Apart from this one...

Put together a video of today's riding...


  1. Brilliant vid that mate. Mental camera angles :) . . . . Ade

  2. Cheers Ade, had lots of fun yesterday, mixed with a few nightmares lol. My winter gloves got soaked through and I ended up not being able to put them on properly as the inner liners pulled out. Eventually with me struggling to get them on I ripped the liner, so need new gloves now. My Canon got soaked through again, so the scroll wheel stopped working, either that or my hands were so cold I couldn't feel it lol. Checked camera this morning and it appears to have dried out and is ok.

    I'm just trying to mix it up with different camera angles, something people will find interesting. I didn't go far yesterday, however I was knackered as that mud sure is hard work to ride through :)