Wednesday, 26 December 2012

My kids bought me a scary mask for Xmas, as if i'm not scary enough...LoL

When asked what I wanted for Christmas from my daughter and son I immediately said "Oh I'd like another bike please" obviously as they didn't have a spare £3000 I was asked would I not prefer something a little less expensive, maybe more Lynx...I use Lynx but it never seems to have the desired effect, so not much point building one of those huge boats to sail away with all the honeys now is there.

Anyhoo whilst window shopping (on the pc of course, also known as surfing) I came across these cool face masks called "AirHole" with some neat designs. 

Thought one may make a nice Christmas prezzie so put my order in with the kids. I went for the design named "Bones"

Hey maybe I'll have more luck with the mask than I do with Lynx ...Lmao :D

Checkout this cool video on Vimeo...

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