Sunday, 10 March 2013

Tanfield Railway Shots

I totally forgot about these pictures that my good mate Ade took of me. It wasn't until I popped along to see Ade that he reminded me he had given me the shots on my memory stick last week.

I fell off twice just before this picture was taken, lost my balance on my amp'd side and was gutted when I scuffed my Bartlett Tendon on the track

The pictures were taken along at Tanfield Railway (24/02/13), chose to head over there as it was a kind of a nice back drop up against the Loco's and basically to just fill an afternoon in. It was a pretty cold sort of day and to be honest the weather wasn't the best for photo's as the sky was pretty heavy and grey, so no nice contrasting colours. Never mind I think Ade did a very good job and got some nice results.

Two different types of suspension. I prefer mine

Out the saddle up a small incline

Checking out the railway yard

 Huge thanks to Ade for the images... (CYM Imaging)

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