Saturday, 22 June 2013

Ern's cunning and devious plan failed!!!

       I was in two minds as to whether to go for a ride on Friday, you see I haven't exactly been feeling motivated at all this week, no biking adventures or any other kind of adventures really, well not unless you count taking 2 wrong turns, one on the way to the Freeman hospital on Monday when I had to attend the Limb Centre and then another on the return back to work.Omg my sense of direction is atrocious I really hope I don't get reincarnated as a homing pigeon. I have just been coming in from work and lounging about. I know I shouldn't do it as it leads to me beating myself up over not doing enough and being lazy. I quite often feel like I'm not only letting myself down, but also all these people that have this perception that I'm always up to something or another.

Anyhoo I decided I was going to go out, it was Global Fat Bike Day after all and my good friend Ade had offered to very kindly take a few shots of me out riding.

Looking through my rear

Through the Rear in colour

 I got ready, it was a lovely day, so shorts and a single short sleeved jersey. I jumped on my Sandman,clipped in and headed off down our street. We have speed bumps down our back street and I don't know what it is but they always bring out the kid in me, so as I was approaching them I was out the saddle sprinting and jumping over the bumps. Now as I was riding I kind of thought "here something doesn't feel quite right with my bike" just as I got to the bottom of the street, turning the corner my back wheel locked up and I skidded all over the shop, having to un-clip pretty quick with my good leg to stop from wiping out. "Bloody hell that was lucky" I thought to myself. At first I thought my back wheel had come undone, maybe the skewer had come loose. Then I noticed my rear tyre was off my rim completely and this is what had caused my rear wheel to lock up. So I pushed my bike round the corner and popped it upside down on the grass verge and proceeded to get my pump out the back of my Camelbak , along with my puncture repair kit. Then I saw that my inner tube wasn't actually flat or going down, it was fully inflated.  And this is when I noticed what had really happened...

The Ern (my dad) had earlier in the week decided to put some slime in my tubes. I think he had forgotten to tighten my rear skewer up and also hadn't popped my tyre on square, hence the bobbing motion when riding and the tyre popping off the rim. To be honest this is where I think his cunning and devious plan came into action. Maybe he  has either A. Took out further life insurance on me, or B.  As he is starting to get into cycling he is after my collection of bikes...Hey it's maybe a combination of the two. I'm going to have to watch him lol.

Tyre semi straightened, re-inflated and off I go. I cover 20 odd miles, my tyre still doesn't feel quite right, my bike feels wobbly at speed, so think I'm going to have to deflate both tyres and have a go at getting them on nice and flush, maybe it's the slime not quite sure.

Farmers crops coming on nicely

After my ride out I call into to Ade's and Amanda's, my friends and we decide to meet up on the top road where the wind turbines are situated, between Craghead and Quakies. I have a ride up the Sandy Lonen (Think that's how it's spelt) and Ade and Amanda  meet me in their car. From there it's a few nice shots, then back to Ade's and Amanda's for a nice brew. WoW where did the longest day go.

@ the Wind Turbines Wagtail Terrace.

Canny Long Grass

Owning the Road

Lovely Afternoon

Now nursing a really itchy shin off where I encountered some nettles and a pretty sore ass, where my cycling socket is rubbing, so have a small blister. Pleased I decided to head out it was a gorgeous afternoon and bonus got some nice pics... Plus I survived Ern's attempts at killing me...

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  1. Damm another plot gone astray ,still there is always another day mwhaaaaaaaaa.