Monday, 26 August 2013

Rode to Hedley Hall Woods and had my breakfast

I haven't been up to much this weekend the weathers been a bit pants and I've been feeling shall we say a little less motivated.

Anyhoo got up this morning and seeings as I'm off work and the gym is closed so I can't fit in my regular session I decided to head out for a short ride over to Hedley Hall Woods, take a spot of breakfast and try and get used to taking a few shots with my new camera.

Excuse the helmet hair...

I got to Hedley Hall lifted my bike over the fence where the swing gate is next to the car park and headed to where this wooden type seat thingy is situated.

Mmmmm tasty
  I then broke out my breakfast, which consisted of a bag of fruit and nuts and a gorgeous 450g pot of Strawberry,Raspberry and Pomegranate yoghurt. I mixed the fruit and nuts in with the yoghurt and devoured the lot, very yummy,nom...nom...nom. 

 Picked up my rubbish and popped it all in a zip lock bag and put it back in my pack, then headed off to see if I could capture any interesting shots.

I managed to get a couple of shots of this dragon fly. Bloody hell I was on ages it just wouldn't pose for the camera lol.

The end, now home and still itching from nettles

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  1. Some nice pics in this blog mate. The second dragonfly shot is really canny good lad :)