Thursday, 23 January 2014

So sorry been neglecting my Blog a little, but I'm back now

Hi guys, thought it was about time I came out of hibernation and started updating my blog. Yeah it will probably be same old, same old, however some people must find it relatively interesting as I see I have had over 16,000 views. Now if I could just get a quid for each view I could definitely make my life more interesting and therefore write more interesting stuff in return. Anyhoo as that's not going to happen you will just have to make do with what I'm currently up to.

So holidays over I'll admit I don't particularly enjoy the festive season. I have my own reasons, however I don't think it should be cancelled as I know there are lots of people who love this time of year. For me what with the dark mornings, cold weather and what not I find myself withdrawing and become less motivated.

Yesterday was only my second time out on my bike this year. I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed my mini adventure, doing a few small loops of a local wooded area. The trails were pretty sketchy in places as there were deep gulleys caused by all this rain we have been having lately. My wheels got stuck in these channels and I thought I was going to come off on a few occasions. It's scary as you want to turn and are just stuck following the direction of the washed out route.

I think what made my day so much more fun was the fact I was wearing my new Shimano MT 91 Boots. You see normally when I'm out in the wet my feet or should I say "foot" gets wet and from there I gradually get colder and colder. Well not yesterday. These Shimano boots are superb I love them, so easy to get on and off what with the "Hiking boot" lace up design. The soles are Vibram and offer great grip and they are SPD's so brilliant for me as I have to clip in, in order to keep my prosthetic foot on my pedal.

 I took a few pics yesterday and was quite happily plogging through puddles and even climbed onto a fallen tree trunk which was quite slippery without incident, which is a bonus as usually when I attempt stuff like that I go arse over tit lol.


I love my new boots

My Nates certainly helped today

Nice n scenic

My Bartlett Tendon, complete with new, slightly scuffed Cam

 I attempted to get some video footage yesterday too. I decided to try and use my Wizmount back pack and whilst it's a good piece of kit I wasn't too happy with the shaky  GoPro footage. I guess you can't really expect the backpack to stay real still, as you will see as my helmet is bobbing around due to me being out the saddle and pedalling quite hard. Never mind huh! I think you will get an idea of the places I was riding in the short movie.

On my way home I came across quite a few ponies which have been introduced onto Quakies Fells. I asked my dad what type they were and he seems to think they are Dartmoor ponies. I think Quakie ponies sounds much better

Quakie Ponies

a Quakie Pony, a bit like a Dartmoor but different

Oh and I have to say a special thank you to both Kath and Kedan Griffin at Bike Bag Dude, who very kindly sent me a bag for my Sandman. I had it stuffed with gear yesterday, so much so that my bike looked slightly pregnant. The bag is fantastic, kept all my stuff bone dry. When I eventually got home my bag had turned from a rather clean looking white with green trim, to a decidedly dirty muddy looking thing strapped to my bike. All i did was whip it off, take out my stuff and then bang the bag in the wash with my slightly dirty clothing. The bag has come out like new, which is more than can be said for my Troy Lee Lumi shorts which have had to be put in a bucket of Vanish to try and get them clean. I think the power of pink may fail on this occasion lol.