Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A few additions photo wise from my mini adventure down local woods.

My friend Ade called in today and brought some images we had forgotten about from last week when he was with me as I played in our local woods.

Even though I've shared them on Facebook I thought I may as well do a little follow up blog. This gives me the chance to say a huge thank you to Ade, oh and his son Simon for tagging along  and just hanging out and making the day so enjoyable.

I would really like to be able to go out for rides with Ade accompanying me on a bike of his own, however due to Ade's health situation and the fact he has had numerous surgeries on his spine, well this just isn't possible. I know my buddy gets frustrated I can totally understand this as  I myself spent around 11 years not being able to do the things I wanted to do, watching my friends have fun and getting on with their lives,yet for me it felt like Ground hog day, stuck in some kind of limbo. 

That's why I really appreciate the times Ade can and does join me and even though he can't ride I would hope he agrees we still have a great time with a few laughs n giggles along the way and making those lasting memories we can look back on.

Cheers bud...

Oooh almost forgot if you would like to see more shots which we will continue to try and keep updating checkout Ade's Flickr page at

It's Me

Doon the Bank

South Stanley woods

Say What ?

A few ickle steps

On My NS Soda Air


Nooo Duck!

Ahhh there it is


Me cool shades I got in the US

Up n Over

Not much I know, but for me a huge achievement

Even  got over without falling off


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