Monday, 10 March 2014

I think I'm back lol

If your a follower of my blog you can always tell what sort of a mood I have been in, judging by how much I post. As you can tell of late I have been in a rather lazy, can't be arsed, need to get motivated type of place. Yeah I feel guilty, however I realise sometime I just need to give myself a break and do what feels right for me, rather than feeling I'm letting anyone down.

So anyway I have been out on a small biking adventure so thought I'd share some video and images.

I'm not going to write a really long story as to be honest all it was was a very pleasant ride out, a bit of a weird day weather wise, gloomy then getting out.

I was knackered after today's outing, just shows I'm getting on and all this not doing much after finishing work each day has a huge impact on my fitness. Oh and I can tell things have changed shape wise with my stump due to me sitting around too as today I was rather sore where my socket had rubbed.

When I got home I took a few pics of Mr Hinks my dog so decided to pop them on at the bottom, rather than make another post.

More pics and no me boring you to death with my ramblings lol

Mr Hinks

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