Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Ooh and here's some more Bamburgh photo's

Caught up with my friend Ade and he passed on the photo's he had taken whilst up at Bamburgh with myself Ern and Mr Hinks.

So without further ado I'll keep it short, shut me gob and just blog em lol...

Me trying to look cool, without a bike or a pair of shorts on lol

Funnily enough I hate getting my picture taken when I'm off my bike.

 I hope I look better in the flesh as omg! LoL

Me doing my best catalogue pose

Summit just doesn't feel right
This new device on my ankle is great, it allows me to swivel my foot 360 degrees. Really helpful at work, not so good for dancing. I always fall over  when doing the Hokey Cokey. As soon as I put my Left leg in I'm screwed...

Is that  a pole up your leg or are you just pleased to see me

As you can see I've lost weight on my right leg

Sitting at the base of Bamburgh Castle

Just before I fell down

Walked all the way around the base of Bamburgh Castle, only fell over 3 times result

If nothing else you always get a laugh when you are out with me as you just never know when I'm going to fall over...

On to the bikey Pics

Here I come
Making waves
Dressed for the occasion
Oot the saddle
Determined to get the hang of this wheeling malarky

The old girl having a rest
Ern,Ade and myself having a laugh in front of camera

I like this pic, kind of summed up the day. A good laugh, enjoying the beautiful surroundings and having some very nice grub. Thanks to Ern for the delicious sausage and egg sandwiches he per cured. Oooh and to Ade for treating us all to fish n chips just before we left to come home.

Who you calling FAT
Filming with my GoPro

A very enjoyable day indeed...

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