Monday, 28 July 2014

So tell me Kyle what you think of the Nettle Patch ?

Straight in from work I try to avoid the workman putting down our new engineered flooring and head up stairs to see if I can prise wor Kyle out of his computer chair to go out for a ride with me. It's been ages since we were out together and as it was a nice day thought I'd at least ask him. I was really surprised when he said "Yes", obviously he had to kill just one major boss in his game before he could get ready but hey it gave me time to sort my gear.

I had been thinking of shooting a video and Kyle would come in handy to set up my camera. I always seem to get the angle wrong, or the camera moves or something just doesn't go right. Well even though wor Kyle was with me this afters, it was no exception. Never mind even though I didn't quite catch the footage I wanted we both had a canny afternoon out playing on my bikes. Well I did I don't think Kyle had as much fun as me as he decided to follow me down a bank and I couldn't stop my bike sliding sideways and fell off and wor Kyle proceeded to crash into me. I fell in this nice sweet spot, with lovely lush grass, wor Kyle decided he would head towards these bushes...Oh hold on these aren't bushes, well I'll let the video do the talking lol.

There you go short n sweet... The bairn is now nursing his badly nettled arm... Awww... I have popped some Suda Crem on and hopefully it won't drop off any time soon.

Really bright day

Kyle doesn't like his pic taken

His dad doesn't mind lol


  1. With that lovely emotive music, by the time Kyle hit the nettle patch, I was truly in tears. I can't guarantee they were tears of sympathy. Taking after yer Dad eh Kyle. Hope yer alright :)

  2. Kyle, the answer is nettle beer..

  3. Haha the difference between me and my dad is when he falls off there is no one in the way of him. For me it was either ride over him (Which thinking back probably the best option :P) or fall into the bush which at the time I did not think it was full of nettles but only took me a matter of seconds to realize what I gotten myself into. Still got the rash today but thankfully is not as painful. Thanks for asking :).