Sunday, 7 December 2014

What a day for my new bikes maiden adventure

Just got my Bartlett Tendon along with new check socket back from Paul over at Pace Rehab on Friday. Due to some technical issues (mainly due to me changing shape in a short period of time) I have been without a riding limb. Obviously this has meant my fitness has dropped off and though I have been out practising both with my running blade and also swimming it's a totally different kind of fitness so today's local loop was a cold, wet, muddy and relatively short 8 miles or so.
John and Glenn

By it was cad this morn
 Really today was just about having a quick blast out on my new socket to see how things felt, comfort wise and also to get a feel for my new bike. It's  a PYGA OneTen 29'er. I am sponsored on this by Bike Swanky. A local bike mechanic named Si Ellis who has his own business Cycle Solutions and is working alongside Bike Swanky as their mechanic in our region took delivery of my bike frame and the build components some weeks ago and then proceeded to build up my new machine. The bike has been sitting patiently in my dinning room as I awaited the return of my BTK. I have tinkered with a few things whilst waiting, adding new Troy Lee grips and Copter taping my frame. Boy I sure do hate copter taping frames I always end up with painful blisters on my thumbs, a combination of trying to stretch and rub the tape into place with one hand and heating the tape with a hot hair dryer with the other. My OCD gets in the way when ever I do anything like this and so it takes me ages to get the tape on just how I like it, blister free, straight and no ripples or creases. Yesterday I went out and purchased a few chain stay protectors, well four to be exact. I figured with the shape of the rear triangle I could wrap the frame in a few neat protectors. Didn't realise until I got home that 2 of the protectors where different colours, one being red and the other pink. They were too small anyhoo so I am waiting for Cestria Cycles a local bike shop in Chester Le Street to get me some replacements in a bigger size. I also ordered a RRP front splash guard as they are really handy to stop the mud from flicking up off your front tyre. As I spoke to the owner of Cestria about the splash guard as I wasn't sure what size I required, he informed me that the forks I had on my PYGA, the X-Fusion Trance are actually a branch of Fox Racing. 

Still looking relatively clean
Really Sweet bike to ride
  I had arranged with my friend John to head out for a little ride out this morning, meeting up at my house for around 9:00 am. So come 9 John was at my door and we set off. It was great to be back in the saddle. Within the first few hundred meters I could already tell I would need to tinker with a few minor adjustments. Things like switch gear position, saddle height and turning my foot out slightly as it caught my crank when I stood out of the saddle and began to pedal. All easy adjustments, just a case of loosening, moving to the desired position and then tightening again.

For some time now I have been experiencing pain in my good leg, just around and towards the inside bottom of my knee, well today was no different. It's really bugging me as it's there when I'm doing pretty much anything, walking, running and cycling. I'm at work tomorrow so have asked Ern if he will make me an appointment to pop and see my G.P. Last time my knee flared up I had to go for an x-ray and they just said normal wear and tear. I really need to get on top of this as it's very frustrating and also very worrying. All I want to do is get on with my training and regain my fitness I don't have time for stupid knee niggles.

The PYGA and John's trusty old steed which he has clocked up some serious miles on

Anyhoo back to today, wow what a day for a maiden adventure for my new bike, it's been windy, raining,sleet, then snow, then sunshine, then really cold on the way home. Riding home was a real breeze, this is probably due to the fact we were on the C2C from Anfield Plain and the wind was at our backs, it practically blew us all the way back to Stanley.

Really enjoyed today's mini adventure, yes it was cold, wet and muddy. My knee was hurting and I felt really disappointed at just how unfit I was, but it was great to get out with John, share a bit of craic and get back in the swing of things.

We know there is a Geo-Cache hidden somewhere around here, but can we hell find it lol
The PYGA felt really nice to ride, the suspension is so plush. At one point I had to stop and check that my rear end wasn't locked out. I'm not a professional rider or bike critic, however to me at times this bike feels like you are actually riding a really comfortable hard tail. There is very little bob. The riding position is very comfortable (though I do need to rotate my bars ever so slightly just to hit that perfect spot for me). The PYGA climbs well and for it being a larger wheeled bike is very responsive to the trail. My bike came with Continental Mountain King's on and they preformed well today, giving me a good amount of grip in those areas where it was really muddy. Oh and the Thompson seat post (which is a dropper) was awesome. The little switch took a bit of getting use to as I am more used to a Rock Shox Reverb, but once I knew where it was it was great.
Now looking forward to more adventures out and about on my bikes. I have even treat myself to a new Go Pro Hero 4 and will be putting in a big effort in getting fit before we have an heavy snow fall as I would really like to get a good snow video done on my Sandman Fat Bike when I finally get it back. Hopefully crank issues sorted. I have had a really good response to a previous video I did at Tanfield Railway and the shoot was very enjoyable.

Ok everyone take care and thanks for checking out my blog...

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