Monday, 25 May 2015

Do you ever stop to think of others and not just pass judgement? Pass it forward!

I like writing my Blog as it helps me reflect. Sometimes it can be a reflection of what I've done good or bad and this in return helps me to learn and grow as a person.

I wasn't going to write about today as it's been one of my lazier, what I consider wasteful days. I find it hard to just chill you see. Years of being stuck in the house with my buggered leg and here I am where I can do most what ever I want yet what do I do, yeah that's right sit in the house. So pretty much put myself on a guilt trip.

Ern popped his head in my room around 11am'ish. Asking did I still want to have a look through to Start Cycles in the Toon. You see I have been experiencing a few problems with my new Road Bike, well not so much the bike more the pedals. I have to clip in using a Spd type pedal. I can manage my mountain bike TIME Atac's no problem. The TIME road pedals I have although I can use them I simply don't like them. You see they only have one point of entry and I find when I am going to try and clip in it's quite awkward. especially at junctions or traffic lights where you need to get your foot in sharpish. I always manage to twat my good shin with the pedal and as you can imagine that stings quite a bit. So I had this idea "I know I will buy a pair of Speedplays". These pedals have a unique way of clipping in and have a dual entry like the TIME ones I use on my mountain bikes. I got a really good deal on a pair of Speedplays from the friendly guys over at Bike Swanky and was well pleased when they arrived.

Speedplays fitted I attempted to clip in. My good foot went in no bother, but I simply couldn't clip my prosthetic side in. It's all to do with the angle of my foot. Obviously my ankle is fixed so I couldn't rotate it just that fraction to get it clipped in. I got in touch with Andy at Bike Swanky and he has very kindly agreed to take the pedals back and give me a refund. So I have decided to purchase a small set of cross country type pedals. They are again TIME's and although not road bike specific I guess as long as they work, well then they will work.

This brings me on to my visit to Start Cycles as I now needed a new pair of roadie shoes. Thing is as I was to discover there are not too many roadie shoes with a Spd type fitting.

Anyhoo this brings me on to what I really wanted to write about...

When Ern and I got to the Toon and drove up towards Start, there was no disabled bays. We drove around looking for a spot near by but there weren't any. So on the second time around my dad just pulled into an ordinary pay and display bay. I wasn't sure if we would have to pay the £2.50 for 1 hour charge and whilst reading the parking meter sign we discovered there was no mention of disabled parking rules. This is when this very kind guy came over with his staffy and just informed us "Parking is for an hour only and it's £2.50" I then explained I had a disabled badge and he went on to tell us we could park for as long as we wanted free of charge.

So Ern and I set off up towards Start and I purchased a new pair of shoes for £70:00.  As we came back i spotted this fellow who had given us the sound advice about parking sitting on the pavement cuddling his dog. Now I'm like the Queen, no I don't mean I wear hats, have tits and wave funny. I mean in that I don't carry money about my person. At this point I was sitting in the car with Ern and just felt really bad for this guy. So I asked Ern if he had a tenner on him, to which he replied "No sorry" all I have is a fiver. I thought that was better than nowt so I went over and handed the money to the man. He thanked me ever so much and shook my hand. It was at this point I took a knee and just decided to have a few minutes chatting with this man.

I asked him if he was ok and did he have somewhere to go. He was very honest and told me some stuff that if I hadn't stopped to talk to him wouldn't know or understand. In the past I have to admit I have been judgemental. The man told me he used to go to local hostels, but now didn't as he had once been addicted to drugs and alcohol and managed to get himself off these, however the temptation was always there in the hostel environment. He was currently living outdoors with a tent for shelter with a few friends. He couldn't afford a deposit for a house and in order to get a job or house you need a fixed abode so it's like a vicious circle I would imagine. He went on to thank me for my kindness and said in the past he had been spat on and attacked just for being homeless and in the street. This bloke didn't ask me for a hand out, he had no signs and didn't have to help me out. He asked for nothing in return yet saw me in a quandary and decided to just be helpful. I felt bad I didn't have more money to help him out. I purchased my shoes on my card you see. I know it was just a small kindness, but hey if we all just stopped to think now and again instead of passing judgement.

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