Saturday, 23 May 2015

Pre Chemo Ride

Next week I start the first of my sessions of chemotherapy and antibody treatment. The Chemotherapy treatment will last 6 months and will be twice per month, whilst the antibody treatment is spread over 2 years and once per month. In some bizarre, really weird and quite fruit cake'ish way I'm actually looking forward to getting started. By that what I mean is I'm just fed up with watching and waiting and feeling crap. I am relieved that after 7 years of having this shitty disease it's now time to reclaim a big part of myself back and hopefully get that spark back which I feel I have lacked for some time now

As many of my friends know I'm not entirely sane and tend to analyse stuff. One of the thoughts that has come to me is that "wow even my own body doesn't like itself". I mean cancer is essentially our own cells attacking our own selves lol. Cancer cells although not what anyone really wants are pretty interesting. I'm no scientist, but if you think of a cancer cell as being a rogue cell and a one that doesn't die off, but keeps multiplying, then why can't a scientist reverse engineer the cells and create something to benefit us all. I mean if we had good cells that didn't die off maybe we would live longer and for some of us be even more beautiful. I don't think I could become any more beautiful so I'd be screwed. Sure some scientific boffin will read my blog and choke on their sandwich laughing on my neat concept lol.

According to the weather dude it was supposed to be a nice day today and boy he wasn't wrong. I met up with my buddy John around 8:30am and we headed off along Fox & Parrot wood. I had asked John if he fancied helping me make a little video the night before and he was happy to help. It's handy having someone to use the GoPro app and as I was going to try and use my back pack WizMount, well it can be a nightmare when you are on your todd.

Thanks to John for coming for a ride and helping me out with my camera gear

As we shot some footage and got to the small bridge crossing the stream I wanted to head along to the left. We have never been along that way before. We soon found out why. Nettles, thorns, more nettles,mud, boggy ground and god dam horse flys. As the trail narrowed all you could hear from both John and I was a string of "agggghhh's and ouches" followed by a few "Fecks and Hells". Time to turn back as we couldn't ride the errrr I can't really call it a trail, so lets say the direction. I'm positive if we were able to keep going that at some point we would be able to make our way to South Stanley Woods. I'm also pretty sure the stream that runs along the burn comes all the way from the Morrison where the pit used to be, through the back end of Quakies from the drift and through South Moor Park. It all stems from way back when all the mines where operating and though the water looks fairly clear now, at one time it would have ran black and dirty.

My Arctic ONE Band, Hey if you would like to support me, support these guys


Apologies for video quality I have tried and tried to sort it not sure what's up...

What always amazes me is how you can head out and always discover people left over crap where ever you go. Today I spotted various tin cans and bottles, old wagon and car tyres, polythene bags and even an old shopping trolley.

Wow everything so green today
John and I decided to turn our bikes around and we had a nice leisurely ride towards Newfield and got on the C2C at High Handenhold, then just cruised back towards home. I left john at his and thought I was feeling fit enough to have a second venture out. So I popped in home ditched my gear and grabbed my other back pack with my DSLR in. My intentions were to go out and grab some nice pics. Well long story short after I got up past the windmills on the top road I was absolutely knackered. I just have no energy, which is very frustrating. So I turned my bike around and had a very slow ride home, with an internal dialogue going on with my subconscious. It's like having good and evil on either shoulder. Ones saying "Hey Glenn take it easy, you have to look after yourself", whilst the other is saying "don't listen to that prick you faggot, you god dam pussy what you quitting for".

According to Starva I had done just over 16 miles. I'm now typing away at my puter sporting canny sunburnt arms and I have a big scratch up the back of my left calf where a bit fence wire attacked me.

Enjoyed the adventure out and I guess what really counts is not so much Mr Evil on my shoulder pulling me down, but in just doing my best and trying.

Arctic ONE
Glenn's Virgin Just Giving

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