Sunday, 14 June 2015

Couldn't sleep, got up to go for a tinkle and caught my plastic little Buddy checking me out.

Wow still having problems sleeping. Anyhoo had to get up to go for a tinkle and caught my little plastic Buddy checking me out. It's weird what goes through my head. All of a sudden i just thought "I'll write something about Buddy". Don't ask me why. Maybe it's because I can't sleep, maybe because I was bored out of my tree yesterday as I didn't do Jack. I just felt a bit lazy and crap yesterday. I was expecting it to be an awful day, turned out although it was fairly dull I could probably of had a ride out, but like I say I decided to just lie around in my pj's all day. Really if I think about it I shouldn't be so hard on myself. Yesterday was just an opportunity to recharge my batteries which in fairness have felt quite depleted of late.

Anyhoo moving on to this piece of bizarre writing, well here it is...

Buddy Christ my plastic friend

I’m not a religious fellow. I don’t keep to any faith.
Preferring to just live my life, trusting in the fickle finger of fate.
Others may try to convince me, to lead a different path.
I listen and learn and respect their views, however remain upon my fence.
I’m not swayed by any one true god. I guess when my time comes,
I’ll burn in hell for not making a choice, a risk I’m willing to take.

I do have one special spiritual friend, he sits upon my desk.
He watches over me all the time, but doesn’t offer much advice.
He always greets me with a smile and never presumes to judge.
He points at me as if to say “your da man” and lightens up my day.

My little plastic Buddy is very, very cool.
When I am down, he cheers me up and bolsters my resolve.
I often wonder what he would say, if he came to life.
He appears such a happy chap as he points and gives me a friendly nod.
I forgot to mention he has a bobbly head that moves upon a spring.
One flick of this and he jiggles, an answer to all my thoughts.

My little friend is special to me. I have had him for a while.
I bought him from an on-line shop.
So chances are that he has travelled further than you or I.
Obviously when you see him, you will recognise his face.
But just because I have him, like I have mentioned,
Doesn't mean I hold to any faith.
I just like to have him around as he is one awesome dude.
My little plastic Buddy Christ, who bobbles at my command.
Will I convert to religion, No I am afraid I am not a fan.

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