Monday, 8 June 2015

Don'task me where my literary mind is at...LoL

For some reason I have started writing absolutely bizarre stuff. I find it entertaining to myself and although my thoughts are out there it's quite fun. My friend Ade says maybe it's a chemical in balance after chemo lol Personally I just think this not sleeping gives me more time to ponder.

Anyhoo my latest creation is well either brilliant or a right load of bollocks. I guess the critics will no doubt let me know lol.

The inside of a ping pong ball.

Thinking of a ping pong ball, what do we see? A small spherical globe, both light to handle and smooth to the touch, it appears flawless, each half of this tiny globe affixed and sealed, containing nothing but air and the possibility of the residue from the glue.

However if we open up our minds, the possibilities are endless. Contained within could be a mini universe on the tiniest scale. Whole worlds within worlds, as small as atoms. Lives within lives. Our own universe is vast, if we allow our imaginations to run free could we ask the question are we also a universe, within a bigger universe? Are there parallel worlds to our own?

That space that we first thought devoid of anything but air, when considered is filled with time and space. When the ball is sealed does time stop? Has the manufacturer created a tiny little system?

My ping pong world is more interesting than most. As I allow my creative mind's eye to develop deep in to a fantastical world. Full of dreams and fantasies good and bad, a kind of Ying and Yang which is also portrayed as an orbicular shape.

I can put characters, nature, structures and more, playing god in my tiny little ball of hope. Let’s begin the creation and see where it goes. First comes the land full of beauty, with high mountains and rolling plains. Meadows full of plants growing wild and free singing their joyous songs of all that they see. 

A thousand, thousand different passionate colours not just two or three. Trees that grow tall, unrestricted by the earth, moving on limbs that they can plant in the earth at will. 
 The animals are numerous all wild and free, many different varieties new to you and me. With dragons and unicorns, griffins and more, a huge vast fantastical wilderness can you imagine more.

Of course like in any world it’s not all good. To equal the balance the dark side rears its head. So floods and volcanoes, storms and whirlwinds all encounter our earth. Unless you use your imagination to perfect this globe.

In my small world people don’t exist. They cause too many problems, they are the cancer of the earth. That’s not to say everyone is entirely wicked. But a world where nature and the animals are in charge, just seems a more peaceful one as I look on. This short story is after all just a fantasy and I can put whatever in place as I see fit.

My tiny world would have magic and sprites. Fairies and pixies and

 mystical beings of unknown decent. All would act as the protectors of the realm. With no one great power in charge of the helm.

Rainbows would be frequent, shining down from upon high, casting marvellous colours from way off up in the sky. The lakes like a mirror would reflect the scene. A mystical place found only in your dreams.

 The sky would be blue, clouds fluffy and white, the weather mostly warm even as it rained. Apart from the bad days when there is a storm. Passing quickly so that there is calm. A world united, standing in good grace, oh what a magical wonderful place.

Anyhow I hope I have given you some room for thought. Not everything has to appear as it seems. Use your imagination to create your own world it’s easier than it seems

By Glenn Johnstone

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