Saturday, 6 June 2015

Playing with the sheepses !

After having what felt the longest week ever last week and feeling slightly worse for wear I wasn't sure if I would be having a ride out this weekend. Each day that has been passing I have felt gradually worse and worse. At the moment I just feel like I have so much on. In reality I could drop everything and know it wouldn't really be that big of a deal. I have very supportive employers, amazing family and the most astonishing friends. The biggest barrier is me, yep that's right I'm my own worst critic. I'm my own worst motivator and I guess that makes me my own worst enemy. Something this bothersome cancer has picked up on. Ironic that cancer is your own body attacking itself.

 I visited my friend Ade last night as is my usual on a Friday evening. We discussed heading out to get a few pics of me on the roadie to try and publicise the sponsored ride I will do on behalf of Arctic ONE. Nothing captures peoples imagination more than a nice photo,complete with an appealing story. People like to see an indomitable spirit in one another as it can help motivate and inspire us all to do different things.

Anyhoo as my previous blog of the morning states I was up at stupid O'clock yet again, writing bloody poetry believe it or not. This chemo has either chemically unbalanced me or I have been spending way too much time with the lasses at work talking about such things as long summer dresses and nude handbags. I'm the only bloke what can I say.

It's been one long morning. I was feeling quite good this morning to be fair and couldn't wait to get out so texted my friend John at around 6:30 am. "I'll be down for 7 bells" he said. I haven't been riding long distances of late, just got no energy,so I suggested to John why don't we head out and he could give me a hand shoot a video. This means we get a little ride, spend some quality time together and we always have a good laugh.

This morning there were no hang ups, which is a first for me. As soon as John arrived off we set along and up the Farmers Trail, dropping into Beamish and past the Beamish Museum. I knew a nice little trail we could follow and thought it would be a good opportunity for some nice shots. The weather has been a bit of a mixed bag today. Quite sunny at times, however that wind was well hard to ride in.

Todays adventure was a really fun, yet tiring one for me. We only covered just over 13 miles and I had to get off and push my bike on a few occasions, something I rarely, in fact never do. Guess it proves to myself that maybe I need to slow down a tad.


John and I had a real good laugh at the end of our video as I attempted to round the sheepses up in the field. Don't worry I didn't hurt any of them and wasn't scaring them unduly. In fact they appeared quite interested as we rode off.

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