Thursday, 3 September 2015

When the bad stuff just fades away...

As planned  my friend John and I had a cracking ride out yesterday. I think it is the furthest I have ridden this year, not sure, but definitely the furthest whilst undergoing chemo and the furthest on my Fat Bike riding with Surly Nates. Those tires drag so much.

A riding selfie, it's all the craze with the young kids I swear
Our adventure began as usual at my house. John had contacted me the day before and asked did I fancy a ride out. To be honest what with my blood results being better and being able to spend sometime with the new lady in my life Rachael on Sunday I felt on top of the world. Yeah there are still certain aspects in my life which suck, like being ill and being off work, but hey these will come right in due course. At the moment I'm just feeling so much love from Rachael and all my family and friends who have been ever so supportive.
In my head I had planned a route for our ride out. I wasn't entirely sure if I could complete it, however I like a challenge. My tools to get me there and back being pissed off at cancer and motivated and inspired by Rachael who tells me I need more sleep, more fresh air and more exercise, however not to over do it. My motivation was certainly back yesterday and I think John was surprised by the time we got up to Waskerley Way and I wanted to push on to Parkhead and the small cafe for a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake, oh and an absolutely lush bacon sandwich.
This sandwich, cake and tea was awesome
After looking through my photo's today I was very pleasantly surprised the majority have turned out really rather good. I think you can tell I have a little bit of a spark in me again.

At the top of the Black Path where the 3 stones used to be
John and I
  The ride up to Parkhead was canny, it was tough in places and it took both John and I ages. I have to paces slow and stop I think. 
Whey Hey
The heather is in full bloom
I can still get out the saddle
A trip out with me wouldn't be a trip out unless I took the wrong direction and got us temporarily lost, or added a few miles. This was the case when we came to the carpark on the way to Waskerley Reservoir. "I'm sure it's left here John" I said. As we descended the long sweeping road "whhhheeeeeee!" it suddenly occurred to me "Errrrr this isn't the way, what the hell". and I knew where there was a rather long down there was inevitably going to be a rather long up. Well at least I got that bit right. The climb back up to discover the trail I should have taken was epic, all rocky and very hard going. I was gutted when I finally admitted defeat about 250 meters from the top of the incline. Saying that I didn't push I took a sip of water, a few pictures then got back in the saddle and rode that hill. "Yay" the trail we should have been on discovered and a nice ride to Parkhead. 

Lovely view, checkout the Arctic ONE wrist band
This trail was tough going

Once inside the cafe I asked John what he would like and treat him to a nice hot cuppa and a bacon  sandwich. I also ordered a couple of pieces of this rather delicious cake which had raspberries in it.

Once fed and watered it was a nice ride back, it's mainly down hill so not to bad. A few photo opportunities on the way back and a good few laughs.

Me and the Fatty
What a team
Me and my Hoggar oh and John
Wait for me John
No really John wait!
A very dangerous manoeuvre, the riding selfie
That's Me
Just me again

Speaking of on the way back one thing that always pisses me off is those lazy  people who head over to MacDonald's or KFC or some other fast food restaurant and grab a bag of stuff, eat their meal in a lovely scenic place, taking in the gorgeous views, then proceeded to chuck their rubbish out of the car window. Dear me juts take it home and dispose of it.

Lazy, lazy people
At one point John had had to stop and clean dog poo off his bike, it was stinking and splattered all over his ride. John really does have an attraction to shit. Almost every time we go out somewhere along the line there is a shit incident. The best one I can recall so far is at Leazes Park on a freezing cold winters day. John as usual gets what he suspects to be shit on his bike, however at first he thought it was mud. it wasn't until he smelt his glove and the words "awwww I've got shit on my glove" came out that he knew. Anyhoo John in his wisdom thought he would rinse his glove off in the frozen lake at Leazes Park only to slip with his shoe and stand in the freezing water. Prosthetic feet come in handy on occasion as I was able to lend him my sock. On the way home I asked John "so how many turds have you rode through today John", to which he replied "aww shit loads" lol

John with his little shit stick cleaning his bike
Dammit I can still smell it
Just hanging about at Hownsgill Viaduct
The Sandman posing, makes a change from me I guess

  According to Strava we completed 37.1 miles yesterday so I am very happy with that. Not only that I had my Bartlett Tendon on pin position 2 on both cams the whole way there and back, so this was like a mini workout for my prosthetic side. Upon getting back home I noticed there was a hand written envelope addressed to me, weird I thought, it's not my birthday any time soon. When I opened it I discovered it was from all the girls from work. What a very thoughtful and lovely thought. Cheers guys I love all my work colleagues they are a real pleasure to work alongside.

Thanks for the lovely card guys
So as this post says the bad stuff just fades away...

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