Monday, 19 October 2015

A Tootle from Newcastle to Tynemouth


Decided to play around with some of my footage from my outing with John. There was so much stuff that I could probably make 3 or 4 small movies. May do more later but for the time being this crudely put together bit will have to do :)


This is going to be a very short blog. I am just not in a writing mood this morning I guess. But I do want to at least write something about yesterdays adventure with friends old and new and just say a huge thank you to Nigel Bradley and the other Ride Leaders for organising the 'Free Tootle from Newcastle to Tynemouth' and back again. It was a very well lead route, free from incident, done at a nice pace for everyone and I got to meet some lovely fellow minded cyclists, what more can you ask for.

Mr Chambers and I

So basically John and my new friend David invited me along the day before on this Tootle. I had just had my chemo on Thursday so wasn't sure how I would be feeling, but thought 'Ahh what the hell' I hate sitting around in the house it's so depressing.
Long story short, John arrived bright and early Saturday morning. I had had time to grab a lovely hot bowl of porridge with some mixed fruit. I think the berries really do help in boosting my blood count. I got the advice from my awesome friend William Rosche who is a very clever man and knows his stuff, Will being a college biology professor, with the claim "I have a PHD in Evilness.
Evil Genius "Dangerous and wonderful"


Mmmmmm Berries

My Fat bike almost as big as my car

 John and I then took a quick moment to strap on my GoPro's and headed off to meet everyone at The Hub in Newcastle. It was a very enjoyable ride there, only really stopping to change my GoPro batteries once. Something I  have discovered is although I love doing the odd GoPro video I absolutely hate just riding without a sort of idea of what I am shooting, you know no plan for a video. What has happened is with the cameras being on from almost start to finish of our ride, there is just so much footage and I can't be arsed to edit it all. I know lazy. I mean I did start, but omg by the time I was at 12 minutes in after editing I thought 'this is going to end up like a full length movie'. People tend to get bored watching really long video's.

Looking through a small hole in the wall  


Over at Tynemouth

Quite a cold day at the coast when you stop


 John kindly provided me with a couple of his tasty Ham Sandwiches and I hare a gorgeous Chocoltae Brownie with him that I had bought at the Hub along with a rather sweet yet refreshing cup of coffee.

John shared a couple of his sandwiches with me

John and I rode 38.8 miles yesterday, the effects of my chemo were plain to see and feel as we were on our way home. By the time I got to Watergate Park I had to admit defeat and say to John 'Mate I'm wrecked'. So we pulled into the car park and I rang trusty old Ern my dad to come a pick us up with our car.

Alreeeet there John



It was freezing waiting for Ern to arrive and once we had got the bikes on board, then drove home and dropped John off I was straight in our house. A quick hello to wor Baxter, then another telling off for sneakily grabbing yet another one of my bike shoes and I was in the shower. Wow just what I needed. Out the shower I just made it to my bed and can't even remember getting in under the duvet. Anyhoo a absolutely lovely 2 hour sleep and feeling quite good considering.

And that's about it, not one of my most creative blogs, but like I say I really enjoyed the day.  I would most definitely recommend hanging with Nigel and going for a ride and I know I will most definitely go again as it was fun.

Thanks guys...

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