Saturday, 31 October 2015

When you just don't feel like going out!

The lads had been going back and forth with messages upon Facebook arranging a ride out for Saturday morning. I only sent a few short messages, saying I didn't feel like heading out, but hoped they enjoyed themselves. As the days go by I just feel weaker and weaker and everything feels like a chore.

Well Saturday morning arrived I hadn't set my alarm like I usually would and was awakened by our doorbell ringing. Thoughts ran through my head 'aww just ignore it, who ever it is will go away'. I  then thought I had better go and see who it was. As I hopped down stairs using my elbow crutches as i couldn't be arsed to pop my leg on I saw though our kitchen window that it was my friend John. I went to the back door, opened it and John came in while I made a cup of tea and had some toast. 'You not up for a ride out' John said, to which I  replied 'I'm just not feeling it mate'. Soon after our other friend Lee arrived. When Lee saw I wasn't ready he asked 'You not coming'?, again I just repeated my earlier comment to John, saying I wasn't exactly feeling good. Lee was gutted, well so was John as they love hanging with me and going for a ride. Lee always says 'I always have an adventure or something happens when I am with you'. This is pretty much true, it's very rare we go out and something either funny, interesting or bizarre happens. As I was just finishing up my toast I spotted our other friend Al pull up in his car. At this point I was feeling a bit guilty, here were all the lads and me being a pussy just because I didn't feel too good. Before All got his bike unloaded off his car I hopped upstairs and popped my bikey gear on and got ready to head out with the boys.

Up the mucky farmers trail with Teflon Lee

Got to love the mud

 Where to go? a small deabte at the back gates. Lee saying 'the farmers trail will be manky', Great just the way I like it. Lee is one of those riders where no matter where you go he always looks immaculate. I'm sure he has some sort of Teflon patented stuff both upon him and his bike. Me I attract every piece of dirt, mud and crap on the trail, however I am not as pro as John at getting various varieties of dog shit all over him, John has a real knack for this. If he isn't riding through the stuff he is either walking in it or kneeling in it whilst taking photo's. I have many a picture with John and his little poo sticks trying to scrape crap of his bike, knees or gloves.

Anyhoo moving on I made the decision Farmers Trail, and as expected it was a mud fest. Even I was sliding all over the place with my Nates on. It was hard work heading up the hill and by the time I got to the top I was puffing and blowing and my lungs and chest was burning. I definitely know something is going on I just have no energy. Never mind I gritted my teeth and pushed on. Soon we were on the downward section and heading down into No Place. As we had been riding we discussed where to go and chose the Hub in Newcastle. Originally we had been going to go to the Hub then along Wylam and back, but I kind of knew this would be pushing things for me and so did the lads so they were accommodating and harpy just to be out for a spin and a laugh.

When in No Place I spotted one of my old work mates and friend Kenny. He had pulled up in his little red Post Office van and was just about to start his delivery. It was nice to see Kenny and have a quick chat. This is why I love being out as you never know who your going to bump into and well sitting in the house does my head in. From No Place we headed down through the streets and came out near the main road, a road we call the new road, it goes from Stanley down to Chester Le Street. Dear me this road is busy and the cars travel very fast, so you have to keep your wits about you.

Once over the new road it's a short blast down this back road which brings you out at Shield Row. We cut under the bridge, the C2C directly above us and to the side of the housing estate and came out at the back of the Blue Bell pub/restaurant. A quick right followed by a left and we rode through South Causey Hotels grounds to bring us out onto the Causey Arch road. From here it's down past the Industrial estate and then cross over to get on the East Tanfield railway Path. Riding along this trail we didn't see too many people today, and certainly no cocks. Cocks are people who are a bit like jobs worths. They are the type of people who go out of their way to make peoples lives miserable and whine and complain. They generally come out with things like 'Do You Boys know you are not supposed to ride down here' and have a totally 'I'm better than you attitude'. They get on about people showing no respect, yet show no respect themselves...Yep total cocks. But like I say none on the trails today.

Soon we were riding over the Causey Arch, it's the oldest single span railway bridge in the world don't you know. From The Causey it's just a little ride up hill to Tanfield Railway and you can cut in here and follow a trail that runs parallel with the old railway.

Motley Crew, me with four of the dwarves

Yes John we can see you

Beautiful coloured leaves

It's quite fun trying to keep up with the steam train and wave at the passengers if the train is about. Once at the end of the trail it's a simple matter of crossing the road near the potters Wheel at Sunnyside and going down the back of Watergate Bends. Again cross the road over at Watergate Bank at the traffic lights,which are pedestrian, horse and cyclist ones, the you can get onto a downward trail which leads directly into Watergate Park. This is a very nice park, usually full of dog walkers so you have to be switched on as dogs come bounding out of everywhere. As we rode down the incline, just around the bend I saw a spaniel of his leash and had to hoy on my anchors as did the other lads. I apologised to the dogs owners and they were quite ok....See respect.
Out of the Park we went down a back trail off Lobbley Hill and at the end crossed over the pedestrian walk way. This gets us over the A1 motorway. They are still on with road works and this section gets really busy with lots of tail backs.

Once over the walkway we cut through the housing estate and this is where I did a little urban freestyle riding down the small flight of stairs lol. Another quick jaunt along the road at Dunston passing Revolution Motor Sport and an Esso garage. Now I remember where I saw the cut price fuel the other week dammit lol £103.9 a litre, today it was £106.9.


Love playing down the steps

At Dunston Staithes

Dunston Staithes

Once at Dunston Staithes it's a nice relaxed ride along by the Tyne on the Gateshead side of the river. We passed the Staithes Cafe, somewhere I have yet to visit and before finding our selves along by the Sage and the Baltic Flour Mill. Lee volunteered to get a few shots of me riding down the steps at the Baltic using my camera and once we had these we all crossed over the Millennium Bridge to the other side of the river.


Again playing

Down we go

A nice tootle along this side of the river and along to the Hub, which is a cycling friendly cafe right beside the Tyne. Lee got the coffee's in and also bought me a chocolate brownie, it was delicious, even if it was a bit rich and sickly.

Destination arrived a time to chill, have a bit of banter, then we headed back home, taking more or less the same route.

On the way back I managed to get a shot of John sitting  on top of this rusty old goat, a sculpture along by the Tyne. There are four goats up high on the hillside. John got stuck on the goat getting his shorts snagged and ended up putting a slight tear in them. It was quite funny to hear him saying 'Aww Glenn man am stuck, Nor really me pants are caught up like'.

Goat Rider

The ride up through Watergate Park and then up to Sunnyside was very tiring for me. Pretty much Granny gear all the way up and a short rest at the top. Once we got  back to Tanfield railway we had another rest as John wanted some pics of the Steam Train. We rode a little bit further along the railway toward the Causey Arch and got off our bikes near the railway tracks. Here there were some make shift ghost so we had a laugh messing around by the ghosts until  the train came along.

Arctic ONE Ghoul


I was pushed

Choo Choo!

Sandman at the Causey Arch

Causey Arch

Back over the Causey Arch and home, taking in part of the C2C route

I'm feeling totally worn out, but so pleased I decided to head out rather than spend a boring day in the house. My good leg feels like a ton weight and is so stiff. I don't usually get like this. I am not sure if I pulled something earlier in the week when out with Lee. Sure it will be ok I will rest up before my next outing lol.

Ok off for a well deserved lie down, well maybe not, even now I am thinking 'God I'm bored what can I do' lol


  1. Lovely Tootle out. I am starting to recognise areas now. You did great Glenn. i love to see the double takes of passers by as they see your Pylon and tendon.. Disbelief??

  2. Yeah it was a very enjoyable adventure, pleased I decided to head out. Thought I'd be tired tonight, well I am but here it is 1:11 am and I cannot sleep lol.

    I never notice passers by now I guess i have grown accustomed to their funny glances. We should really pop a Go Pro or two on you guys and fim people for a laugh to see their reaction :)