Friday, 13 November 2015

Morning walkies, followed by family cooking and baking, with debates and laughter...

I awoke this morning around 9am. I had had a bit of a bad night last night, feeling quite nauseous and with an upset tummy, obviously I put this down to my treatment so got up and took some of my prescribed medication. I then dropped back off but had a fit full night. Anyhoo like I say up at around 9 am I decided to take wor Baxter for a walk. At one time Baxter hated walkies now he relishes the prospect so he was raring to go. Baxter is a right little bugger in that as soon as you pop his leash on he tries to grab it and then runs about tugging and jumping all over the place like a right hooligan. The only way I can get him to stop is by saying 'what's this' and reaching into my pocket for a treat.

Out the front gate and down the path, boy it was a little windy and cold, good job I had put my new North Face beanie on and my woollen gloves. We had just walked a little way down the path when Baxter decided 'oh I need to go for a poo'. I was using his extendible leader and callied to him 'Baxter wait, wait', you see the leader was under his tail. Yeah well I don't have to explain what happened next, but guess I will, dog crap all over the leash....Ewwww. I then had to get the dog bags from my pocket and one task I hate and always struggle with is trying to open the bloody things. Ok poop bag opened. Just then Baxter pulled on his leash and Omg! the dam thing snapped. See that's what happens when you chew on it, bad dog. I was passed myself as we were near the busy main road that runs just outside our front. I kind of panicked and started shouting 'Come here', I then calmed myself and remembered I had trained Baxter from being little to come to 'where's he at'. As soon as I said this in a calm voice and showed him a treat he came to me like a good lad. I got hold of his collar and then had the unenviable task of trying to tie a shit covered leash onto what was left of the other end, again Ewwwww. Good job I wasn't far from home. We went back home where I almost scrubbed the skin off my hands and I had to find another leash.

I then took Baxter out again and we headed over towards the allotments near the Millennium Green. There are some horses in the fields and nearby enclosure and Baxter likes to go and see them. He is one of the most friendly dogs I have ever known, so very gentle and playful.

Saying Hello

Saying Hello




 The wind was really picking up and it was spitting on to rain as we walked around and past South Moor Golf course. I thought heading through Glass Wood would be the best option as it's more sheltered, so this is the way we went to get home. Baxter started jumping and rolling in all the mud at the side of this verge as he was excited by the strong winds and got absolutely filthy. We walked approx 1.74 miles and although it was cold, wet and muddy I enjoyed spending time with my best mate.

When we got home my daughter Kayleigh was there waiting for us. We had discussed doing some cooking and baking, intending on making a cottage pie and a chocolate cake. I am ok cooking but baking is not my strong point. I don't think it's Kayleigh's either judging by the cake that turned out lol. But more on that in a bit.

Kayleigh, my son Kyle and I headed off up to Asda to buy our ingredients. A quick jaunt around Asda and then we proceeded to the till to pay for our items. Omg! the bill came to £43.60, this was going to be one expensive cake.

On with the cake, Ern looking slightly perplexed, Kyle wondering what he can sieve lol

Once home we decided to do the cottage pies first and just prepare them. This didn't take long at all really and as we had bought more than enough we were able to make two large servings in two separate casserole trays. Now to the cake. Kayleigh followed the instructions she had printed out off of Google. The first batch of cake mix just didn't look enough, so I suggested why not bake that cake first and then make another batch of mix and pop the one cake on top of the other. So Kayleigh baked the first batch and the cake came out errr rather flat. The second cake rose a little higher and kind of looked ok. Once cooled we popped the cakes onto plates and Kayleigh began spreading this chocolate icing that was to go in-between the two layers. She then went to pop the top layer on and has a touch like an elephant and broke the layer in two. 'Never mind she said, it's going to be covered in chocolate', yeah 3 large bars of melted chocolate. Kayleigh then  went to cover the cake in chocolate, but had forgot the water was still in the pan she was holding the dish with the melted chocolate in and so she poured water directly into the middle of the cake. 'Oh it will be ok' she laughed. This time she got rid of the pan with the water in and began covering the two layers in chocolate from just the bowl.When this was done she asked if I would help surround the cake with the 3 boxes of chocolate fingers. We ran out by six fingers and then laughed as actually Kayleigh, Kyle and myself had ate exactly 2 fingers each whilst preparing the cake. Our little fence of fingers kept falling over, but as the chocolate set they stood to attention. Well that was until Kayleigh got carried away with popping the flakes, Giant milk buttons, M&M's,  and Chocolate stars in place. Omg! this cake must be like 20,000 calories.Eventually job done, it didn't look perfect and I am not sure it is even edible, so have decided to call it Kayleigh's Abortion Chocolate Surprise Cake. It is now in the fridge setting and awaiting it's first victim.

Kayleigh proud of her 'Killer' Literally Abortion Chocolate Surprise Cake

The amaxing

Abortion Chocolate Surprise Cake

As for the cottage pie, you know that old saying too many cooks. Well there was Ern, Kayleigh Kyle and myself preparing these cottage pies. We were each on with a different task. Ern was on mashing the potatoes when Kyle pipes in 'Where is the sieve' Ern said 'What do you want the sieve for?' to which Kyle replies 'well to sieve the mashed potato', there then commenced a heated debate between Ern and Kyle to which Kayleigh and I found hilarious, to sieve or not sieve is the question. Kyle ended up going off in a huff and heading to his room, probably to research whether mashed potato should be sieved to gain that perfect consistency. Me I just laughed and kept out the way.

Anyhoo the un-sieved cottage pie was lush,no real lumps in the mash,we all had a big plate full and there was even enough left so Kayleigh took some home for her boyfriend Craig. 

Mmmmm this was a lush Cottage Pie

I will let you know how the cake goes down if I survive lol

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