Monday, 14 March 2016

Arctic ONE Forward Motion Grants

Yesterday Graeme my good friend and the head coach of Phoenix Triathlon asked me would I mind completing an application on our clubs behalf. The application is for a Forward Motion Grant with Arctic ONE. Our club is in need of a few bits and pieces of equipment and should we be approved the funds will be able to provide us with a portable pace clock and such things as cones for cycling and running, as well as flipper and fins, pull buoys and some other bits and bobs.


Both Graeme and myself are sporting ambassadors for Arctic ONE and we know how much hard and invaluable work the foundation does. It is always a pleasure to do what we can to promote the foundation through our work in the North East and of course when we attend Arctic ONE events.

Graeme , Grant (another level 1 coach at Phoenix Tri) and myself would love to see things take off in the North East and we have a kind of vision. Arctic ONE is very much involved and we are thrilled to be able to work closely with everyone to promote Triathlon as a sport and also show people just how diverse the sport can be. Everyone and anyone can take part and the good thing about triathlon is that it does not have to be all about competition. Just get out there and enjoy yourself.
I have now attended Arctic ONE's Dorney Tri- Festival twice and each time the support I received from fellow competitors was amazing. I have also taken part in a duathlon, doing the ride section on my Fat Bike. This was hard but so much fun and again the support was phenomenal. For me it is like meeting up with your extended family. I know most of the people by face alone as there are just so many, the atmosphere when attending the events is amazing and I can not wait to head down at the end of May this year.

I am unable to do the run section of my triathlon as my running limb is not complete yet, due to me undergoing chemo towards the end of last year. When I told Matt and Bex of Arctic ONE this I got a lovely reply saying just come along do the swim and ride and either you find someone to do the run section or we will. I desperately want to do the run, however rather than give up completely I have taken their advice and found a very enthusiastic and awesome lady to take part with me. You see it's just about taking part.

Back to Phoneix Triathlon I have just passed my British Triathlon level 1 coaching and so now help out over at the Brinkburn Community Centre, helping to assist Graeme and Grant with a wide range of people from kids to adults. Grant also runs spinning classes and runs.

Anyone interested can contact get in touch with me if you like and I will pass your details on to Graeme. It's a great way of keeping fit and having lots of fun.

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