Friday, 25 March 2016

Sunny Easter Bank Holiday Ride

John got in touch on Thursday saying 'dude it's supposed to be nice the morra, but the rest of the weekend is supposed to be pretty crap,  so do you fancy a look out the morra morning'. I replied back 'Yeah sure I have no real plans'. I am really lucky in a way as although I do get kind of bored from time to time I have a canny free schedule to do what I want when I want. Really I should appreciate this as so many other people are tied down, have commitments or as just plain to busy in the old rat race that life passes them by and before they know it the things that are really important in life seem to have passed them by.

A little selfie of the two of us
When John arrived I was on looking for a pair of mountain bike shorts. It wouldn't be a proper outing if I didn't at least loose one item of clothing or had a technical issue. I don't think I have ever just got up and headed out, even when I prepare the night before. Never mind sure they will turn up.

'What you fancy doing and where too' I asked John. John didn't seem fussed so I suggested we could head out and maybe shoot a little video. So we took one of our usual routes over towards the turbines and the lonely road, better known as Wagtail Lane. Before long we were at the entry point to head into the nature reserve, Chapman's Wells. 

We had a little discussion about where to shoot from and just set about messing around, me doing ride in and ride out's and John using my mobile to operate the GoPro. As we got further down the trail this is when we spotted a geet big pile of rubbish. Some complete Twat had just dumped it there. Excuse my language but this sort of thing really annoys me. We have a tip not more than 10 minutes ride away and yet people purposely drive up a lonely trail, into an area of natural beauty and tip there crap all over. I mean this stuff was a health hazard, dirt nappies for starters and that's just what I saw lying around. The council are aware because the rubbish had warning notices saying they were investigating the rubbish. I really do hope the muppet who dropped it off has left some form of evidence in his shit and gets a huge fine.

There is a tip 10 minutes away
Hope investigation proves a success
John is not taking this seriously
As we were near the location of the fly tipping incident both John and I spoke to some locals who were out walking and we all agreed how disgraceful doing something like this is. It can have an effect on the environment as half the stuff does not degrade, then there is the risk to animals and not to mention the health risk to people.

Anyhoo the sooner we got away from the rubbish the better for me as it was annoying me. I think one of the things that annoys me the most is when we are out on a trail and someone out walking says 'Hoy you are not supposed to ride here'. Most cyclists take better care of  trails than anyone else, most cyclists know to give way to people walking or on horseback and most cyclist are amiable and will help anyone in need. Yet you always get some cock who thinks 'I pay my poll tax and you are a hooligan on a bike'.

Gotta Love Puddles
Ooooh and Mud
Ahh well each to their own... John and I continued to shoot a little more footage then after visiting the pond decided to head over towards Beamish way. As I was riding along merrily going from the Morrison Road Ends towards Stanley a flume of dust suddenly came up from my front wheel and I almost went over the bars. My tyre had only gone and come off the rim. Thank god it didn't happen last week when I was doing about 30mph down my bank on Durham Road. Wheel and tyre sorted we headed over to Beamish using part of  the C2C route. I suggested to John we could go and visit the tea rooms at the Causey Arch, grab a bacon sandwich and then heave a nice casual ride home so this is what we did.

Could have been disastrous
Proper nice pace this, lovely friendly staff

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