Saturday, 30 April 2016

Longest walk with Baxter so far

Well today I had my longest walk out with Baxter so far. 7.82 miles to be exact according to Map My Walk.


Baxter did really well only pulling on a few occasions, one of which he pulled me off my leg and I fell. It was a horse and cart went past. Baxter is such a friendly dog and very curious. So if there are sheep in the field he wants to go and investigate, if there are cows he wants to go and investigate and if there are horses again he wants to go investigate. I just think he thinks everything wants to play with him. He craves attention, so when ever anyone passes he expects a pat. This can be a problem as not everyone likes dogs, especially  Bull Terriers. Quite a few people get the wrong impression so try avoiding him as they just assume he is vicious, quite the opposite actually.


Saying hell to the Moo Cow

Baxter is very powerful and slightly bonkers, he is boisterous so can come across as being a bit rough. He is the first Bull Terrier I have owned that cannot catch to save his life. Anything thrown to him, hits him on the head and then he picks it up. He is however the first Bull Terrier I have owned who will gladly play fetch. Baxter loves nothing more than bringing his  plastic toy Mouse affectionately named Mike. So if you call 'Mike, Mike,Mike he bounds around our house looking for either Mike 1 or Mike 2, he has two of them you see, both in various states of chewed'om...  
Mmmmm a load of dogs

Here we have Baxter checking out the sheep. I know people would think he would terrorise them, however I just think he thinks they are dogs like him. He is fascinated by other animals and just wants to play.
What a good lad
Baxter always looks good in a photo
Baxter that's a bit close m8
What a Handsome Boy
Resting his head, think he was getting bored
Awwww I love my Bax x
I really enjoyed my time out with my best friend today.

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