Friday, 2 December 2016

Going forward into 2017 with Silverback Bikes as one of their ambassadors

Wow after last year what with chemotherapy and then this year and problems with limb fit and not exactly being on form, the end of the year seems to be coming together. Not only have I been very fortunate enough to become the first guy in Europe to take delivery of the Newest incarnation of the Bartlett Tendon Knee, know as the Crossover in co-operation with Pace Rehab, The Arctic ONE Foundation and the distributors Fabtech Systems Leftsideinc I also approached a company I had been following with some interest for a while, named Silverbacklab. I was immensely pleased to be offered a place on their ambassador programme. This involves riding one of their sought after Silverback Synergy Fat Bikes and doing my blogging and promotion on social media, offering feedback and sharing my adventures with you all, something I enjoy doing anyway. 

I do have to say a huge thank you to everyone over at Silverbacklab, especially Elena who has kept me up to date with the progress of the new arrivals. Not only that Elena has been very kind and thoughtful in asking how I am keeping and wishing me every success in my new job after I had told her. Warn and friendly is just what you want, it make you feel more than just a number or another customer in a long line. It makes you feel like an individual and like you will be taken care of. I like that very much in this day of mass produced items and it is a very important factor for me in going forward with a company.

Silverback Synergy Fat
Silverback Synergy Fat
I just cannot express how grateful I am to all these wonderful people and companies. It makes a huge difference in anyone's, life when you have taken one or two knocks yet know there are people out there willing to invest in helping you just get out there and achieve your goals. And for anyone out there reading this when I say goals it doesn't have to be uber extreme stuff. We sometimes forget that whilst climbing a mountain for one person epitomises a huge achievement whilst for someone else a simple stroll out with the family can be their achievement.

I think inspiration comes in all shapes and forms, it is not what you are not prepared or cannot do, but what you are prepared to do and what you can do.

Getting back to Silverback and the Synergy Fat. Well it is a Carbon framed Fat Bike with a clever rear Triangle as the bike can be converted into 3 separate rides a Fat, wearing 80mm Hayes/Sun Ringle Mulefut SL's and shod in Maxxis Mammoth 26"x 4.0's. Then there is the Plus which runs the now popular 27.5+ rims and of course the Slim which uses a 29'er wheel-set. The Frame has 120mm of Front travel and 110mm at the rear and uses Rock Shox's Monarch RT3 for the rear, the same shock as fitted to my BTK Crossover and a Bluto up front. 

Silverback Synergy Fat
Silverback Synergy Fat
I have ordered a few minor bits and bobs to add to my new ride, things like protective frame tape ( I am not exactly looking forward to fitting this, as the last bike took me over 4 hours lol)  I then got my eye on some pretty sweet Race Face Handle Bars. I swear I have Ocd, the reason I bought them...yeah of course it was because they were Uber light...nothing to do with the fact they were finished off in Orange and match the colour of my new bike...Ahem! Of course as they are the new fad and come in a size 35mm I then had to purchase a new stem. Again a lovely Race Face jobbie, the Turbine 35.

Some Lovely Race Face Next Carbon 35 Limited Fox Orange Bars

Race Face Turbine 35 Stem
Race Face Turbine Dropper Post
As an amputee I have discovered one of the best bits of kit you can have on a bike is a dropper seat post...Oooh guess what Race Face does one. Spot on that has now been added to my Christmas list and guess what you can even get a colour co-ordinated dropper lever I am so excited! Next some Surly Orange Rim Tape when it becomes available Oh and some Race Face Crank boots, yes of course in Orange. 

For years now and as I have to clip in I have been using Time ATAC's. I tried various other pedals, however discovered the Time's gave me the most float as I was getting a painful good knee. So these will be popped on

 Now just have to wait for delivery and build the bike up, it's just like Christmas. I will be able to head out on my new leg and new bike and with the help of my GoPro and camera hopefully get some lovely shots to show you all.


  1. Wow! Good news bud! Really excited to see what these things are like!

  2. Aww thanks Sarah I will be sure to invite you over for a spin :)

  3. Ahhhh so this is the new bike you spoke of earlier Glenn. It is going to be fantastic and I look forward to your GoPro videos. Good luck with everything mate.