Saturday, 12 August 2017

A canny ride through the park

I am back, well never really been away, just been neglecting my blog. Not really much interesting going on...All "Rock n Roll" ... NOT!

Had a few short yet pleasurable rides out over the past few weeks with my mate John. Nothing to strenuous, more just getting out and sharing a bit of craic, that's "craic" as in banter, not as in we light up a pipe and get shit faced. Oh and plenty of laughs. Playing in puddles at almost 50, well you are never too old really are you?

Now decided after editing my photo's and video to write a short blog. It's going to be short as I am dying for a wee and cannot be bothered to hop through to the bathroom and back, yeah got my leg off you see. Also need to grab a shower as have not been in since coming in off my bike and I am hacky of said puddles.

We had a lovely ride through South Moor Memorial Park this morning. Lots of new path ways, bridges and signs being put in place. It's all to do with funding for what is known as the Heritage Trail. 


Oh there is also lots of dog shit. John is very good at discovering this. Come on John it's no laughing matter it's every bloody ride man. 

John on his Fattie
John with Poo Stick in hand
I am surprised this bloke is not the luckiest man in the world

Bimbling over one of the new bridges

Lovely morning
I have been Tango'd

Playing down the park
On my Silverback Fat Bike
Love just messing around

I think wor Baxter wanted to join us this morning. As a pup he could squeeze under our rusty yard gates. Now he is older and a bit of a porker he can just get his head under.

I still have dreams of winning the lottery and buying a place on the Isle of Mull. Somewhere with a bit of land all fenced off so wor Bax can run around till his hearts content. Hey everyone needs a dream right?

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Been a canny morning weather wise, did not start raining until we were on our way home. John has been a star, acting as director and cameraman for today's bit play about. Have to say not too impressed with my little Panasonic Lumix today. It usually takes a cracking photo, yet last few outings the image quality has been lacking. Very blurry shots. Of course blame the camera, nothing to do with my camera skills. It is a typical point and shoot when I have it, as nowadays I cannot see if the picture through the lcd screen looks blurry in the first place as everything looks blurry without my glasses on.

John avoiding the mud
Me attempting a track stand

And failing lol
Tried my new Race Face cycling under shorts today, still got a dead sore arse. Decided to order a SDG Bel Air 2.0 saddle as I think I owned one a few years ago and it was ok. Really what stops me riding more and further is the fact I always get a sore butt. Must have spent hundreds on various saddles over the years. Even been for my ass measured, but no joy.

Ok must wee so will let the pictures and vid tell a kind of story....

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