Friday, 11 May 2018

Blowing away the cobwebs

Went out for a little bimble on my Silverback Synergy Fat this morning. Man it was colder than I anticipated. I wouldn't care I even checked the weather and it said "sunny" with temps around 13 degrees. Upon checking my Go Pro footage it looks very muted and at the start quite dark. The sun did not really burn through this morning and so the sky looked dull and grey.


Really all I wanted to do was head out and get a bit of fresh air. Due to this long standing cough I have had I really struggle on a morning. You would think I was a 40 a day man. 

Ern has tried sorting the top edge of my socket out, however after only 10 or so minutes of riding I could feel the socket biting into the top of my thigh and hip. I am now sporting a proper red and sore stump, so will have to take it easy tomorrow so that I am in shape for work on Sunday. Unless you are an amputee I guess it is hard to understand the constant battle, along with frustration of having to try and make the best of a bad situation. Of course everyone has their own personal battles, some of which I will not have any comprehension of.

Anyhoo rather than focus on all the negatives, it's good to be able to say "I got out".

I bumped into one of our old neighbours whilst out. It is so long since I saw Karen, that I actually got her mixed up with one of the community nurses who used to come and see me, back in the day. We reminisced and I reckon the last time I had seen her was when I lived over at South Moor. We left there when I was 18 so that is roughly 32 years ago.

Oh almost forgot, a little challenge I am doing this year is for my friends over at Arctic ONE. It's called Arctic ONE's Summer of Fun. All you have to do is donate £10 and then over a set period record your activity and achieve the goals set by Arctic ONE. This can be running, walking, swimming or cycling. To find out more information why not visit  Arctic ONE on Facebook or go to their website to see the fantastic work they do. All funds will go towards the grant system that Arctic ONE provides. A very worthy cause indeed.

Wearing my band with pride
Arctic ONE

I only got a few pics with my mobile phone today, have to say I am very impressed with the camera. I have not edited any of the shots, they are just as they came from the mobile camera itself.

Silverback Synergy Fat

They have cleared all the beautiful trees :(

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