Friday, 10 August 2012

Spent a morning with some fantastic guys from the BBC

Had a really enjoyable morning today. Three really nice guys from the BBC arrived where I live to do a short report on my use of the Bartlett  Tendon which I am sponsored on and to find out where things started in my mountain biking adventures.  Damian who is a Broadcaster and Journalist,was there to do the interview with me, Adam who is a video/camera man to take some footage and shots and David who is also a Broadcaster and Journalist tagged along for the experience.

Upon meeting the guys they were all very warm and friendly and we went over just what was going to happen during the course of the morning. They were fantastic guiding me through what needed to be done and offering lots of encouragement and reassuring me, making the tasks at hand easy to get on with.

I was very proud that I got great positive feedback on stuff I had shot, both photo and image wise. In fact Damian and Adam actually asked if they could copy some of my work over on to Adam's laptop as they may use it in doing the final news report.

Though very nervous about doing the interview (I'm not good in front of the camera) I felt it went well and was very pleased when Damian said it was spot on. I'm so thrilled to be actually able to get to thank those people and companies who have actually helped and supported me along the way and hope this kind of media stuff gives them a bit more recognition for the amazing work they do for others.

So in ending I would just like to say a huge thank you to Damian, Adam and David of the BBC. I really enjoyed meeting you all, your an excellent team and good to share a bit of banter with you.

And to those people and companies who have helped me so much over the past 5 years.

Pace Rehabilitation for your commitment and support when ever I have needed it.

Brian Bartlett @ Leftsideinc for sponsoring me on your knee unit and taking care of me.

And to

Sandman Bikes for your excellent customer service, your always there to answer a query and your bike design is just awesome. I'm proud to be an ambassador for your company.


  1. We all enjoyed meeting you and your dad and your edited footage and music was excellent, as was evidenced by us stealing it to use in our piece!


    Damian O'Neil
    BBC TV

  2. Hey pleased you enjoyed the footage, it's a real compliment when you have guys such as yourself give good positive feedback about the stuff I've been doing, so thanks for that Damian.

    Getting some good messages coming in through Facebook, it's nice to see reports like this raising public awareness. I'm chuffed I got to thank those involved for all their support. Biggest support of course is from those unsung hero's my family and friends who have supported me all the way.

  3. One member of our family who is not here to see this would have been very proud of you today son,and all that you have achieved as we all are.

  4. Replies
    1. Hi David it was on BBC's iPlayer but think it's off line now I will contact Damian at the BBC the news reporter and see if I can findout where I can maybe get a copy to upload.