Saturday, 4 August 2012

Would like to add one of these to my bike collection, maybe if I win the lottery

I love all things bike, it doesn't have to be just mountain or Fat bikes. I also like to go for a blast on my single speed NS Analog. With it being a single speed it's tough work, what with only having the one leg to power me along. Banks and hills can be a nightmare, thing is with the single I find you can have a great ride out if you plan your route and kind of zig zag your way up any inclines. Riding my Single speed kind of takes me back to the days I rode my old Raleigh Grifter or Peugeot Bmx,back in the 80's. It's just a back to basics steel frame with bog standard calliper brakes, it's no frills fun biking.

 Anyhoo as I was saying......I got my eye on this English Bikes awesomely cool frame design. The attention to detail of this bike is fantastic. It's called Project Right and I dare say if I came into some money I would like to invest in one. I always like to own things that are just that little bit different and this bike certainly fits the bill.

Project Right
To read more about Project Right and see more images as well as English Bikes other designs checkout


  1. And no doubt appearing in an ex-Royal Mail shed near you soon....

    Someones nicked the forks and how do you adjust the seat height?

  2. LoL, yeah the frame is very different from the norm, though single sided forks have been used by various manufacturers. I just like the idea's and concepts that have gone into making this bike. As for seat height I guess as the bike is quite a bespoke design it would be made to measure, there is room for a little bit of adjustment.

    Would defo have to come into an inheritance or lottery win to be able to add this to my collection ;)