Saturday, 5 April 2014

I'm expanding...No not that way silly!

Instead of saying I'm expanding and having you all think I'm getting a little tubby, maybe I should have said I'm branching out. Now to many of you this won't really apply,as well you have all your bits...yes, yes I know some of you think you have all of your bits, yet are still lacking something, but hey who am I to judge lol.

Anyhoo instead of being cryptic I will explain. I have decided to start a forum, which hopefully is going to benefit the amputee community.

I have had great success with my Facebook group, Facebook Amputees, so much so that it now has over 1,000 members and counting. You know I say "MY" group, when in fact I feel I have actually handed the group over to it's members. So really now I class it more as "OUR" group, after all it's a joint venture of over 1,000 amazing people who make it what it is.

 I decided to try and start my first forum as whilst I like Facebook I do not like the new style format where important and helpful information scrolls off the page into oblivion. So my thoughts for a forum were, Mmmmm have a place that has the same kind of friendly atmosphere, the same kind of information,stories,support and advice, BUT have it on a board where if people wanted to add to a topic they readily can. This means anyone who needs certain information on a subject can either ask the question or it may already be laid out there for them to read.

So to the name of this new forum... Well I was thinking and thinking for ages and in the end after Googling and finding most stuff was taken I decided on something that was kind of fitting when thinking back on my situation. And so chose to call the forum "It's Gone Move On". Now yeah this won't suit everyone's Mantra, but hey. I guess I'm the type of guy who whilst I know what it's like to suffer from depression I also know that for me loosing a limb wasn't going to be the end of my world.

And so for those of you who are interested, if  you think you could either do with a little support or offer a whole shed load,why not come pay us a visit.

you can find us at


  1. Good Luck - looks like the membership is going to soar and the site will be a great success ! x

  2. Hi Michelle I hope so I just want a place where people can share their experiences, offer help and support and make new friends.

    I remember when I first became an amputee I hardly had anyone to talk things over with and at times it's so daunting. That's the reason I started my Facebook Group, so I could learn and hear from other people. You can feel very isolated when you undergo such a big life changing thing and it certainly helps to have people who have gone through it before you and can give you guidance and moral support :) x