Friday, 9 May 2014

Always nice when the Postie appears with Goodies

I know this blog may appear rather sad when or if you decide to read it, however for me these few things I have treat myself to are special. they will allow me to head off into the wilds and just get away from it all and try and live without any complications. I know it will just probably be a micro-adventure, away some weekend or another, but it's exciting for me, a reminder  of when I was a kid and was allowed to camp out on the top field. Heading out on a night and for my sins "garden raiding" Compared to what kids get up to nowadays it was nothing, plus there was the added risk of back in those days if I got caught I would get a thick ear from any potential allotment owners, then off the police and then when I got home yet another one off my dad.

So what came, well I ordered a Snugpak Special Forces Bivi bag. I had originally decided to get an Alpkit Hunka XL after my friend Lee told me all about the reviews the bags had been getting. Unfortunately when I went to purchase a Kelp coloured bag they were all out. I wanted something dark rather than say luminous orange just in case I had to errrr hide somewhere when camping in England, best to be sleeping stealthy, rather than saying "Hey I'm over here".

I also ordered a Light my Fire Swedish FireKnife,which has  an integrated Fire Steel and a Limited edition Light my fire glow in the dark Spork...Like I say I know sad he he !

First impressions of the Snugpak Special Forces Bivi bag, well it's very small when it's in it's little stuff sack. I like that. It's very easy to get out and just as easy to put away, yes I had a bit practice. All you do is stuff it back into the bag provided. I've never Bivi'ed before so not sure how thick or thin these bags are supposed to be. I can't really give a good review until I've tried it. Overall I like the design it has a toggle so you can pull the top of the bag tight, and I like the half zip closure which is handy for getting in and out of. You can also sit up in this bag I suppose whilst having a nice cuppa and still keep your feet, or in my case foot warm. I was impressed with the length of the bag it appears quite long, which is handy as I am about 6 feet tall.

Now to the Light my Fire Knife and Integrated Fire Steel. I did quite a bit of research before purchasing this knife. Not so much in how it preformed, though yes I did look at that and read some glowing reviews. No it was more so UK knife law and would i get prosecuted for carrying an offensive weapon. Well after visiting many a forum and reading through the UK law I think as long as I am going camping and have a good reason to be carrying a knife I should be ok. I'm not going to be walking around brandishing my blade at every opportunity in public. The knife will be used as an instrument in cooking,helping start my fire, gathering and cutting of kindling etc. I waiting on my little stove to arrive. I have ordered a Titanium Bushbox and I'm excited about creating fire. A bit like Tom Hanks in Castaway "Ho I Have Created FIRE!" lol, hopefully I won't have to resort to rubbing two sticks and injuring myself or indeed finding I need to knock one of my teeth out with an ice skate whilst I'm away.

Finally my Light my Fire Limited Glow in the dark Spork, what can I say, it's a spork and it glows in the dark apparently, guess I will try that out tonight huh!

Snugpak Special forces Bivi,light my Fire Swedish fire Knife and a Glow in the dark Spork
Bivi all rolled out, not too much to it, fits back in bag easy


  1. You're just like Lee - still young lad at heart ! He's tried his bivy out too and is all excited about having a micro adventure. He'll be jealous of your fire starting knife though and your stove is lighter than his LOL ! X

  2. Ha Ha, yeah Lee is really funny to knock about with. I love when your out riding and he say "Awww look at that, it's a great place to bivi". He is also dead enthusiastic about everything which I like. Today he heard a cuckoo and made us all stop so we could hear it too.

    Just watch we will have bought all this gear head out and absolutely hate it lol