Monday, 25 August 2014

Jason Lalla Highland 2014

Hi Guys

I wanted to share this amazing video of my friend Jason Lalla. Jason played a huge role in helping me first contact Brian Bartlett the designer of the Bartlett Tendon. And well from there the rest is history. 

I remember thinking "wow" when I first contacted Jason. I sent one or two emails as I knew he was using one of Brian's prototype knees and my question was "how do I get one of those things". Jason replied immediately saying something like call me at home in the evening and providing me with his home phone number. You have to remember Jason is out in the States and here's me in the little old UK. As I recall that phone call lasted somewhere in the region of 45 minutes and I was blown away at just how friendly,helpful and kind Jason was.

Jason went on to explain that Brian had had to go into hospital for a revision on his residual limb and that at the time was going through a rough period what with feeling ill and rehabilitation. I remember Jason's exact words "I've put a call into Brian and he will contact you real soon". Each day I checked my email and about 2 weeks later there was a mail from Brian (who had now become like a superhero to me) I can remember the feeling and it was just awesome.

You have to try and understand that as an amputee the stuff you can do on a normal everyday prosthetic is very limited. What the Bartlett Tendon allows you to do just depends on your ability (as Jason demonstrates in his video)

I still look to people like Jason and Brian for inspiration, they are amazing people...

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