Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Ooooh a Charity gig, featuring The Panic Report a North Eastern Band at the Schooner. I'll be there!

Guest Blog by Michelle Sheridan

The Panic Report are a local band from the North East.  One of the band - Lee Stephenson spent most of his childhood growing up with my husband - Lee Sheridan.  So when Lee Stephenson heard about my cancer diagnosis and our intention to try and support Glenn Johnstone and Arctic ONE, he said if there was anything he could do to help we just had to let him know and that he'd have a think about what he could do to help.
So one evening, whilst thinking about fund raising ideas, it just seemed so obvious that the one thing Lee could do was to put on a Charity Gig in aid of Arctic 1 and Glenn.  So no sooner had it been suggested that Lee agreed to it.
Fantastic but now we had to try and decide on a venue - and a cheap or free one at that.  Julie Tekin is a great friend and colleague and has given me so much direct support since my diagnoses that I have pretty much kept her up to date with everything.  As it happens, Julie used to be a MacMillan Nurse, so has years and years of experience in supporting those affected by cancer.
Julie has a great friend called Lynne, whose brother, just so happens to own a pub in Gateshead, and a pub that just so happens to supports live bands.  Well need I say anything more ...... yet more support results in us getting a free venue for the Charity Gig .....so a huge huge thanks has to go to The Schooner Pub on South Shore Road, Gateshead for offering us their pub, free of charge.
Well every thing's now pretty much set up.  Julie and I have organised some raffle prizes for the evening with all proceeds going to Arctic ONE.  Al Roberts, a new friend of Glenn's and someone who you can read all about in Glenn's latest blogs, is also seeing if he can arrange some raffle prizes.  Great stuff and fantastic support from people in all corners.
Well that's about it - the event will start at 7pm(ish) at The Schooner on Friday 29th August 2014.  Its been advertised on Facebook and I have no idea how many people may turn up - but any amount is better than none !


Checkout the Schooner's Facebook page and add a like

Glenn "Thanks to everyone for all your support I really do appreciate it and I know the guys over at Arctic ONE are simply blown away by how much support I have received over the last few months. I've made so many new and dear friends in fact I often wonder what the hell I must have been doing before you all came along. My life is enriched so much more now that I have you all in my life".

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