Monday, 23 March 2015

Local loop wearing Swanky jersey's

As soon as my friend John discovered I had gotten him a Bike Swanky Jersey upon my trip down to Manchester after meeting up with Andy and Paul of Bike Swanky he wanted to try it on and head out for a ride.

Out on the Bike Swanky sponsored ride, my PYGA One Ten 29'er

John showing off his new Bike Swanky Jersey

 I text John as I came out of  work and headed home waiting for his reply. When he didn't get in touch straight away I decided to give myself a haircut whilst I waited. Now the thing about giving myself a haircut is it never quite comes out the same way twice, well not unless I take it all off. This time was no different, but hey it doesn't look too bad. At least this time I remembered to keep the trimmer guard on and not give myself an accidental grade zero. Oh yes I have done that before. Imagine my shock when all I heard was "Buzzzzzzzzzzz", then it was a case of "Oh crap" as I frantically checked in the mirror to discover I had this huge straight, bald line at the side of my head. I sharp fixed it of course and just decided to cut my hair really short on the sides.

Anhoo no real drama's this time around. John sent me a text just as I got out of the shower saying he would be down in 15.

As I promised in my last post I'm not going to write loads. This afternoons adventure was a local kind of figure of eight. I hadn't planned it that way only noticed it turned out like that when I checked out Strava. While I'm on Strava is doing my head in as it won't upload from my mobile phone. It used to but now I have to go to Strava's web page, very annoying.

I always like to take my friends on new routes so it was nice to be able to show John somewhere local he hadn't ridden and that was Hedley Woods.

A quick rest in Hedley Woods

    Managed to get a few pictures today  and it was a really nice afternoon, setting in a little chilly on the way home. It was the first ride out without a jacket so a sign things are getting warmer. Took in some canny hills today so all in all happy with my progress.

John posing with my bike on this wooden object type thing

A lovely place this, you can see all the way over to Newcastle/Gateshead

Good to be back out

Peek a Boo

A few shots as we came through Hedley Woods and found ourselves on a trail leading into Beamish Woods.

John contemplating the meaning of life
PYGA One Ten 29'er
I had the opportunity to ride a PYGA 27.5 or 650b when I was at the Bike Expo with Bike Swanky. I love the 29'er however after riding the 650b think it's better suited to my riding style. The good thing about the deals Bike Swanky have to offer is that you can trade your bike in after a certain period and get a brand new one. I also think the demo days and the wide range of demo bikes they have on offer is an excellent way for people to come along and try before they buy.

Almost done the route back got us on to the C2C just after Beamish and the well known JCB cow sculptures.

Looks like the back end of a cow

YeeeHaw go PYGA Go

The sun looked awesome shining through the tunnel


  1. Awesome �� mate great afternoon out and great shots really pleased your back out missed ya,from John chambers.��

  2. Great mate cracking shots as well.�� from John chambers.

    1. Thanks John for keeping me company. I missed being out too and sharing a bit canny banter. Onwards and Upwards m8 :)