Saturday, 6 June 2015


I can't do a sound of exasperation, tried my best in my tittle a Phffffffff !!! or a sigh sound. Here I am again with eyes like a fruit bat and wide awake at stupid o'clock in the morning.

Mmmmm what to do. Turn on the old computer and write some stuff I guess. Of late I have been dabbling writing poetry. It's way more difficult than I thought and I keep catching myself trying to make the bloody thing rhyme, which would probably make it more akin to a Limerick. I'm not even sure if when I read it back my stuff is a poem or just a group of words I've put together based how I'm thinking or feeling at any one time.

Never mind I decided I may as well share my stuff. I don't expect to win any awards or even much praise I just find writing therapeutic and well may be someone else will too.

My first poem I wrote was following my chemotherapy. It's short and just goes on to describe my first session of treatment.

Dark Therapy

A sharp scratch, leading to pierced skin,

Over active sensations as phantom pain kicks in.

Vein located, drugs infused,

Chemical assassin with no remorse.

Poison taken, now to wait,

The frozen veins capitulate.

Eternal cells will know there fate.

Fatigue comes hard, Sleep comes late, 

The next poem I wrote whilst thinking of a quote my good friend Brian Bartlett would end some of his emails with Keep keep Keeping On. It's about continuing on through adversity, whether that's big or small.

Keep keep keeping on

Born it begins, life’s great race, a journey into the unknown.
We lie then sit, crawl then walk and finally learn to run.
Goals are set, targets are met, sometimes we fail to achieve.
Hurdles are jumped, turns are took, the meandering path of life.

Time progress we un-relent and do what our bodies allow.
Life can be hard, life can be tough a spanner in the works.
So the thing that counts in large amounts it that we just,
Keep keep keeping on

And finally here's my latest creation. It's looking at how we are all different and sometimes we come together regardless of our differences, yet at other times people just don't get one another. 

People are like bits of Lego

People are like bits of Lego, they range in colour, shape and size.
Connections are made together, some simple, complex or simply insane.

People are like bits of Lego, who work to a design, they build many structures,
Some are quite successful whilst others fall at predestined junctures to the wayside

Not all people are like bits of Lego, some come in different forms.
Like stickle bricks, or Mechano, or malleable play dough.

It’s maybe why not everyone, is on the same winding path
As we try to stick a Lego bit, onto a stickle brick and cannot appear to work out the task

I’d like to think I was more akin to play dough, as I connect with all the rest.
I’m soft, I’m bright and I’ll reach and take hold and support you where I can.

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