Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Seemed like a nice day just to play

I really did not want to get out of bed for work this morning. Not because I do not enjoy my job I. love it. No I just felt really tired. This feeling of tiredness stuck with me all morning, right up until I finished work at around 12 Noon. As I drove home I was in two minds 'Mmmmmm, whether to have a extensive nana nap, or head out for a quick blast on my bike'. I decided heading out on my Fat Bike was a little more proactive so that is what I did.

It has been a lovely afternoon. I was able to ride in just a short sleeved jersey. As I was feeling a tad wiped out I did not go far and just headed to one of my regular haunts and Chapman's Well. Once there I decided to have a little play around on my Fattie.
Glenn Johnstone riding my Fat Bike In the Woods
In The Woods

Oh I almost forgot before commencing play I shot a very small video using my GoPro. I think I have mentioned my Hero4 is encountering some problems. It is making a horrible noise when ever connected to the WiFi on my mobile phone. I have been in touch with GoPro and the next stage in the 'sorting it out' process was to take a small video. All I was asked to do was connect my GoPro to my mobile device somewhere quiet. I then had to start recording leaving the camera on for 5 seconds, then say Testing 1,2,3,4 and 5, then leave for another 5 seconds, before switching the camera off. I then was to send the unedited file to GoPro, which I have now done, so just awaiting a reply.

I used to be able to wheelie good when I was a nipper. It's a lot harder with one leg

Anyhoo I only rode 7 miles today, most of which was spent goofing around as well as some me time to think things over. Why I need to think things over is beyond me as truth be known my mind never switches off. Inside my head there are constant illuminations, fireworks and various light shows 24/7.

I have been informed by a reliable source I need to try and meditate. I am just not very good at sitting still and I am easily distracted.

Chapman's Well

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