Friday, 7 July 2017

A memory of a pup, a hospital visit wearing a new limb that makes me go Ouch and a meet and greet with my Cuz

This morning when I switched the old puter on and visited Facebook I was greeted with a lovely memory from 2 years ago. It was wor Baxter when he was just a wee pup, sporting an Arctic ONE buff. He looked so cute and very clean and white.
Awww he was so cute

Nowadays wor Baxter is more of a dirty cream colour, some would even describe as beige. Of course crawling under our rusty old back yard gates to get attention does not help, that or thinking he is helping Ern out if he is fixing a car in the yard and crawling under it... for yes you guessed it more attention. Many a time he comes in and you can hear me say "Omg where the hell have you been".
Awww he is still cute
HuH did someone mentioned biscwits

That aside Baxter is still an absolute gem, he is such a loveable dog and has an amazing character and nature. He is pretty intelligent and has learnt a new game. He will now fetch any of his toys on command with the word "Toys", of course you have to say it in a manic and slightly demented excited voice and he will then immediately go bonkers and search for his nearest toy. When he brings it and you say "leave he does", but now if I say "Pass" he actually nudges his toy, using his huge hooter like a shovel lol.

So that is the memory of a pup, one of many of the fantastic Bully's I have owned over the years.

The next part is my hospital visit. No pics for this part. I was too busy swearing, grumbling and looking to see if anyone noticed I had my hand down my shorts trying to adjust bits. I swear anyone seeing me would think I had Tourette's. I parked my car in the car park and walked the short distance up hill to the entrance of the hospital at Shotley Bridge. The place I go to is on the 4th floor, so 8 flights of stairs to walk up and then yeah back down. Yes I could take the lift but feel it's cheating. Got to the floor I wanted and was proper out of breath. Then had my BP taken and it was something like 162/93. Now add this to the fact that one of my mates said to me earlier just as I was heading out on my bike "By Glenn you are getting a bit of a gut on you", "Ooooh how very dare you", well I figure it's well past time to get in shape and get my fitness back. My body will become a temple, admittedly held up with bits of scaffolding. Anyhoo were was I? Ahhh yes hospital. I restarted my treatment today, so after obs were taken and a small questionnaire on my general health and how I was feeling I took my pre-meds. A short while later I was invited into one of the smaller rooms and a very friendly nurse jabbed me in the tummy with a needle. The Rituximab has to be injected in sub-cut over a 5 minute period. All done another 15 minute wait and obs again and I was all done for another 2 months. Just hope my cell count stays good and  don't go picking up and more nasty bugs. Back down the 8 flights and to my car, dear me this knee is clunky. It is due to the fact it has leaked oil so the hydraulics are not working. Now waiting for a new one. More importantly I hope my prosthetist can get this socket sorted. It is horrible feeling when you dread having to put a leg on and such a relief when you get the chance to take it off again.

Next was meeting my cousin Guy on the C2C. Guy had mentioned he finished work at 2:30pm and if I fancied meeting him at Beamish it would be great to catch up and we could have a little ride as he went back up home to Consett. It was lovely seeing him as it has been ages. Have to admit I struggled to keep up and decided by the time Annfield Plain came I would let him crack on as I was holding him up. More rides out required to build up that fitness. Guy continued on home following the C2C and I branched off and went along by the Morrison and onto Chapman's Well. 

There I had a little bit play about and spoke to the Exmoor ponies who were in the tree line. I was wanting to get some pictures of these hardy little ponies, but they had other ideas and went trotting off into the trees. It must be my craic or something, have the same problem with girls lol

Silverback Synergy Fat
Silverback Synergy Fat lovely to ride
Glenn Johnstone
Glenn Johnstone  BTK Crossover
Bunny Hop
Glenn Johnstone  BTK Crossover
Errrr Riding
Just as I was beginning to enjoy messing around using my GoPro, the dark clouds, became even darker and it started to splash down. It was not too bad though as the weather remained quite warm, it was just proper overcast. I bimbled along, heading through the small wooded area and came out at the Shield Row Drift, then from there went through South Moor Park. This was interesting as it's been a while since I rode there and there has been some considerable work done putting in new bridges. The stream looks as if it has been cut in a bit deeper and the bank sides cleared. It is terrible for flooding down there in the bad weather. I think the work is being carried out as this area is to become part of a Heritage Trail for people to go walking, learn a bit of history and just get out and enjoy themselves. As long as it does not get vandalised. 

When I  got in I took off me wet things and must have forgot to shut the gate at the bottom of the stairs, wor Baxter knows he gets wrong for coming up so he must have figured 4 or 5 steps is not exactly coming up lol.

"Hey you, get down" No Response lol
He sits on bottom step, but as soon as the opportunity arises that fat ass is going up a level
Who Ye Talkin too like

The end...Well till next time...

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