Thursday, 17 April 2014

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me...

Birthday McMuff
Another year older...I'm now at the age where I try to keep my birthday a closely guarded secret...awww crap another Fail!  Saying that I have to admit this birthday has been quite enjoyable. Maybe it's because I have lots more supportive friends who I enjoy spending time with and who in turn give me the kick up the arse I sometimes need in order to get me into action. Maybe it's because I'm a lot happier in myself as things are pretty tickety boo at the moment (well apart from this dam blog thingy going from my chosen text Verdana to something completely different as I type Grrrrr...Bloody just stop on Verdana)  Oops sorry side tracked there...Omg why is it doing that... Focus Glenn, Focus.

Monday, 14 April 2014

An old friend I had yet to meet...

Isn't it strange the power of the internet. Almost all of us are connected to a world which has become increasingly smaller thanks to the World Wide Web.

This adventure started many years ago as I recall, when I had the pleasure of becoming Mick's acquaintance on-line, through some amputee group or another. To be honest both Mick and myself can't recall just how long we have known one another or when we first started chatting on the internet in various groups/ forums etc. It's been a while, Mick has followed my progress, joining my Facebook Amputee's group and also becoming a follower of this here blog, oh and not to mention just recently as I started up a new forum called It's Gone Move On and offering great support there.

So anyhoo I noticed Mick had posted on my forum about his passion for getting out doors and going for a jolly good walk throughout various parts of our beautiful countryside. He had asked me to join him on an outing sometime ago. And though I had initially agreed it was at a time when I was having real bad socket issues, so we had to put our meeting and outing on hold. Well like most things it just got forgotten about and though we saw each other posting from time to time, well it just didn't happen.

As I saw Mick posting a little more about how much he enjoys his own adventures I thought I'd contact him and try and arrange to meet him and head out somewhere. Well this finally happened yesterday.

Mick standing under Coe Cragg

Friday, 11 April 2014

OMG! I think I've broke my bot...

    John had asked me earlier in the week did I fancy a look out and did I know of anywhere to ride that maybe interesting. I told him yeah I wouldn't mind having a ride out, however I was really running out of places to go locally that quirked my curiosity. Although I get out and about it's generally only a radius of around between 20 to 30 miles away from home, so in the years I've been cycling I've just about gone everywhere I can think of as interesting.

Anyhoo I had a think about it and suggested we maybe ride to Newcastle and we could always have a look around Leazes Park which is opposite where I work. John was up for this as he's a Newcastle United fan and St Jame's Park is right beside the Park.
Leazes Park, band stand, looking onto back of St Jame's Park

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Wheeeere Off to see the Wiz...Ahem OX!!! lol

During the week my friend John had asked me had I seen the photo's and Youtube footage of the Old Baths at Durham, to which I replied "No". So I decided to checkout the video and images and found them really interesting. It's a real shame that such a beautiful building which opened back in 1932 has not been looked after an converted in to something useful. The place has so much character

During my search I found various articles and thought I'd post this link to show you what the building looks like and just how it has fallen in to disrepair and been vandalised

Both John and I would have liked a look inside, well maybe not John as he thinks the building is "spooky" as he describes it lol

Anyhoo whilst searching on the line I discovered there was a sculpture down on the riverside in Durham. It was done by Andrew Burton. So I mentioned this to John and we both decided to have a ride down to Durham to try and find it and get some pics.


Saturday, 5 April 2014

I'm expanding...No not that way silly!

Instead of saying I'm expanding and having you all think I'm getting a little tubby, maybe I should have said I'm branching out. Now to many of you this won't really apply,as well you have all your bits...yes, yes I know some of you think you have all of your bits, yet are still lacking something, but hey who am I to judge lol.

Anyhoo instead of being cryptic I will explain. I have decided to start a forum, which hopefully is going to benefit the amputee community.

I have had great success with my Facebook group, Facebook Amputees, so much so that it now has over 1,000 members and counting. You know I say "MY" group, when in fact I feel I have actually handed the group over to it's members. So really now I class it more as "OUR" group, after all it's a joint venture of over 1,000 amazing people who make it what it is.

 I decided to try and start my first forum as whilst I like Facebook I do not like the new style format where important and helpful information scrolls off the page into oblivion. So my thoughts for a forum were, Mmmmm have a place that has the same kind of friendly atmosphere, the same kind of information,stories,support and advice, BUT have it on a board where if people wanted to add to a topic they readily can. This means anyone who needs certain information on a subject can either ask the question or it may already be laid out there for them to read.

So to the name of this new forum... Well I was thinking and thinking for ages and in the end after Googling and finding most stuff was taken I decided on something that was kind of fitting when thinking back on my situation. And so chose to call the forum "It's Gone Move On". Now yeah this won't suit everyone's Mantra, but hey. I guess I'm the type of guy who whilst I know what it's like to suffer from depression I also know that for me loosing a limb wasn't going to be the end of my world.

And so for those of you who are interested, if  you think you could either do with a little support or offer a whole shed load,why not come pay us a visit.

you can find us at

Saturday, 29 March 2014

New friends and old bones

    I had been looking forward to today all week I was going to heading out on my bike,   regardless of the weather, well unless it was a full on down pour with thunder and lightening (I get scared in case my metal bits get struck lol)

Earlier in the week I had planned a ride to the coast with my new riding bud John. The pair of us aren't exactly fit, so we had come to the decision we would ride down to Sunderland, go along the sea front and then follow the coastal path to South Shields, then cheat a little and ring Ern (my dad for a lift home. The way I see it is it's enjoyable having a nice ride, but when you push things too far well you just sicken yourself off.

Today was also special because I was going to be meeting up with a very nice lad called Lee, who was going to be joining John and I for a look out.

Allreet there John

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A random yet enjoyable loop with my friend John

I had arranged to go out for a bit of a ride with my friend John today, around lunch time, after I got home from work.

So after work I drove home, got in and made myself a nice cup of coffee with our new fangled Tassimo machine. The coffee,tea and other assortments of drinks are quite nice and it's a nice treat on a morning to have a strong cup of Costa coffee or a hot chocolate before going to bed.

I finished my coffee and  went and got changed into my biking gear. Picked up my small Canon camera and then headed back down stairs to adjust my cleat on my good legs shoe. Past few bike rides I have had I have been getting a really painful knee. Originally I put this down to riding up our big bank last week with my seat way to low on my Ibis. I then thought maybe  my cleat was in the wrong place. Well to be fair I now don't think it's any of those reasons, maybe I'm just getting old and that's where the pain is coming from.

John arrived at my house around 1:30pm and I provided him with a couple of nice new stickers which he had asked me for, so that he could pop them on his bike. The stickers being the ones I had printed last week and advertising this very blog. Hey you have to take free advertising where you can right lol. Ern very kindly applied them to John's bike (John's hands where to cold and hey I already had my bike gloves on raring to go)

Cool Sticker

Monday, 24 March 2014

A special gift from a special friend

Late last week I received a very special gift from my friend Lee Kinder, also known as Artisan Attributes.

Mr Hink's... Thanks Lee
I had the great pleasure of meeting Lee in Logan Utah when I was out visiting another good friend of mine Mark Peterson.

Mark had very kindly allowed me to crash at his pad whilst I was on my 3 week holiday in the US last September and it was an awesome surprise when he had arranged to drive the hour or so to hook up with Lee over in Logan.

WoW I still find it amazing how just by getting a Fat Bike I then go on to meet so many wonderful people. Fat Biking and the whole Fat Biking community is unlike any other. The sense of camaraderie is unreal. As soon as I started posting my first few pictures of my Fat Bike I found I was getting friends requests and invited to such things as Fat Bike festivals.

It had been a long time dream of mine to travel, however I never seemed to find myself  in the position to do so. Tied down when I was younger, then illness as I got older.

Then I caught a bit of a break and managed to get myself a part time job and  was able to get myself back on my feet (even if one of them is made of carbon and plastic). Really I owe a huge thanks to my fantastic work colleagues who pushed,as well as supported me in following my dream and making the decision to travel.

My original plans were just to go visit Brian, my friend and sponsor on his fantastic Bartlett Tendon, however when I mentioned to Mark I was thinking of going on holiday ,he was like "dude you have to come stay with me and ride my trails". From there I had another friend Shannon, who I have known as a fellow amputee for years, again via Facebook and she wanted me to visit her. And so things started to gather momentum. I just wished I had had more time and more guts (my first real trip away I was scared I would get lost) as I dearly wanted to visit my friend William Rosche in Atlantic City. It just came down to logistics in the end and time, too many flights and trains not enough time.

Anyhoo back to Mark and Lee... Just like when I met Mark at Salt Lake Cities airport, as soon as Lee and I met I knew we would get along famously. That day riding in Logan's mountains will be permanently etched in my memory. The scenery, the smell, the atmosphere and of course riding with these two amazing new friends.

As our time was just about done as we ended back up at the car park I asked Lee would he mind doing a carving for me. To which he replied "sure, just send me what you would like done", needless to say it had to be Mr Hink's, my beloved English Bull Terrier.

And so my pendant arrived late last week and I thought I'd take a little pic, which actually doesn't  do the workmanship any justice.

Oh and on a side note . I also tried to take a few pics of another very precious gift I received from Mark, however it's late here and a bit dark to capture it properly. Mark gave me a very special necklace. It's hand carved from bone, like little skulls, with what look like blue sapphires. I'm sure if Mark reads this he won't mind me telling you he has struggled financially since taking a pay cut. I know he wanted to give me something on my leaving and when he gave me this gift, saying he didn't have much, but wanted me to have this necklace which was very personal to him, as he had had it for a long time. Well it blew me away. To be honest there is no better gift than that of friendship and I feel incredibly lucky.

Decided to treat my Sandman

My Sandman Hoggar Fat Bike will soon be approaching 2 years old. I have enjoyed every moment of owning and riding her and since purchasing my Fat Bike she has seen more use than any of my other bikes.

Some new bits n Bobs

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Ooh and here's some more Bamburgh photo's

Caught up with my friend Ade and he passed on the photo's he had taken whilst up at Bamburgh with myself Ern and Mr Hinks.

So without further ado I'll keep it short, shut me gob and just blog em lol...

Me trying to look cool, without a bike or a pair of shorts on lol

A few additions photo wise from my mini adventure down local woods.

My friend Ade called in today and brought some images we had forgotten about from last week when he was with me as I played in our local woods.

Even though I've shared them on Facebook I thought I may as well do a little follow up blog. This gives me the chance to say a huge thank you to Ade, oh and his son Simon for tagging along  and just hanging out and making the day so enjoyable.

I would really like to be able to go out for rides with Ade accompanying me on a bike of his own, however due to Ade's health situation and the fact he has had numerous surgeries on his spine, well this just isn't possible. I know my buddy gets frustrated I can totally understand this as  I myself spent around 11 years not being able to do the things I wanted to do, watching my friends have fun and getting on with their lives,yet for me it felt like Ground hog day, stuck in some kind of limbo. 

That's why I really appreciate the times Ade can and does join me and even though he can't ride I would hope he agrees we still have a great time with a few laughs n giggles along the way and making those lasting memories we can look back on.

Cheers bud...

Oooh almost forgot if you would like to see more shots which we will continue to try and keep updating checkout Ade's Flickr page at

It's Me

Friday, 14 March 2014

Walkies with Ern and Mr Hink's

Had a little walk out with md dad and Mr Hink's this morning. Thought I may as well take along Pentax  and GoPro camera's see if I could capture anything.

Hinky Doo

A few pictures from yesterdays trip to Bamburgh

I thought I'd pop a few pictures that where taken with my Pentax on my blog today. I have had a bit play around editing them and I suppose they aren't too bad. Saying that these are just the ones I managed to save I had a lot more on my camera but they were mostly terrible.

Really I just need to get out and practice more and have a little more patience I guess.

I'm sure Ern took this one

Thursday, 13 March 2014

A trip to Bamburgh Beach

As I've been off on a weeks hols this week and the weather was so nice I decided to have a look up to Bamburgh beach and just have a bit mess around on my Fat bike.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

If you go down to the woods today you might see an amputee

Well I've had the most enjoyable couple of days, playing down local woods on my bike. I'm off work for a week so decided to try and get out as much as possible and lets face it the weather has been fantastic.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

I think I'm back lol

If your a follower of my blog you can always tell what sort of a mood I have been in, judging by how much I post. As you can tell of late I have been in a rather lazy, can't be arsed, need to get motivated type of place. Yeah I feel guilty, however I realise sometime I just need to give myself a break and do what feels right for me, rather than feeling I'm letting anyone down.

So anyway I have been out on a small biking adventure so thought I'd share some video and images.

I'm not going to write a really long story as to be honest all it was was a very pleasant ride out, a bit of a weird day weather wise, gloomy then getting out.

I was knackered after today's outing, just shows I'm getting on and all this not doing much after finishing work each day has a huge impact on my fitness. Oh and I can tell things have changed shape wise with my stump due to me sitting around too as today I was rather sore where my socket had rubbed.

When I got home I took a few pics of Mr Hinks my dog so decided to pop them on at the bottom, rather than make another post.

More pics and no me boring you to death with my ramblings lol

Thursday, 23 January 2014

So sorry been neglecting my Blog a little, but I'm back now

Hi guys, thought it was about time I came out of hibernation and started updating my blog. Yeah it will probably be same old, same old, however some people must find it relatively interesting as I see I have had over 16,000 views. Now if I could just get a quid for each view I could definitely make my life more interesting and therefore write more interesting stuff in return. Anyhoo as that's not going to happen you will just have to make do with what I'm currently up to.

So holidays over I'll admit I don't particularly enjoy the festive season. I have my own reasons, however I don't think it should be cancelled as I know there are lots of people who love this time of year. For me what with the dark mornings, cold weather and what not I find myself withdrawing and become less motivated.

Yesterday was only my second time out on my bike this year. I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed my mini adventure, doing a few small loops of a local wooded area. The trails were pretty sketchy in places as there were deep gulleys caused by all this rain we have been having lately. My wheels got stuck in these channels and I thought I was going to come off on a few occasions. It's scary as you want to turn and are just stuck following the direction of the washed out route.

I think what made my day so much more fun was the fact I was wearing my new Shimano MT 91 Boots. You see normally when I'm out in the wet my feet or should I say "foot" gets wet and from there I gradually get colder and colder. Well not yesterday. These Shimano boots are superb I love them, so easy to get on and off what with the "Hiking boot" lace up design. The soles are Vibram and offer great grip and they are SPD's so brilliant for me as I have to clip in, in order to keep my prosthetic foot on my pedal.

 I took a few pics yesterday and was quite happily plogging through puddles and even climbed onto a fallen tree trunk which was quite slippery without incident, which is a bonus as usually when I attempt stuff like that I go arse over tit lol.


I love my new boots

My Nates certainly helped today

Nice n scenic

My Bartlett Tendon, complete with new, slightly scuffed Cam

 I attempted to get some video footage yesterday too. I decided to try and use my Wizmount back pack and whilst it's a good piece of kit I wasn't too happy with the shaky  GoPro footage. I guess you can't really expect the backpack to stay real still, as you will see as my helmet is bobbing around due to me being out the saddle and pedalling quite hard. Never mind huh! I think you will get an idea of the places I was riding in the short movie.

On my way home I came across quite a few ponies which have been introduced onto Quakies Fells. I asked my dad what type they were and he seems to think they are Dartmoor ponies. I think Quakie ponies sounds much better

Quakie Ponies

a Quakie Pony, a bit like a Dartmoor but different

Oh and I have to say a special thank you to both Kath and Kedan Griffin at Bike Bag Dude, who very kindly sent me a bag for my Sandman. I had it stuffed with gear yesterday, so much so that my bike looked slightly pregnant. The bag is fantastic, kept all my stuff bone dry. When I eventually got home my bag had turned from a rather clean looking white with green trim, to a decidedly dirty muddy looking thing strapped to my bike. All i did was whip it off, take out my stuff and then bang the bag in the wash with my slightly dirty clothing. The bag has come out like new, which is more than can be said for my Troy Lee Lumi shorts which have had to be put in a bucket of Vanish to try and get them clean. I think the power of pink may fail on this occasion lol.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Attempted Klunking this afternoon

After finding an ex-demo Transition Klunker on PinkBike, asking a few questions from the seller, about the bike I then decided to go ahead and purchase it and give it a go.

The bike arrived late yesterday afternoon, it looked like new, though I was a little disappointed in that the frame had been scuffed. I think this was done in transit by the courier to be honest as where it's marked, well you wouldn't normally expect to find paint chipped off.  When I looked at the bike box I saw that the rear spindle of the wheel was poking through the side of the box and I think what must have happened is the other side of the spindle had scuffed the bikes frame. Ahh well what can you do huh?

The bike is a really pretty Orange type of colour, sometimes appearing reddish depending in what light you see it in. I think what I'll do is have a scout around for some nail varnish that is of a similar colour and do a quick repair, there are only a few chips after all.

I got in from work around 12:30pm'ish, got ready, put one clipless pedal on the right side of my bike and a flat on the left and set off..."Oh crap this coaster brake is going to take some getting used to" I thought to myself as I approached the first junction of our street and went for the brake levers which don't exist on this bike. First don't stop well if you are trying to rally to a stop downhill and not pushing down backwards with at least one foot. A tad hard for me as I need my good leg down to balance me, yet can't push down and back with my prosthetic limb unless it's just in the right position.

Anyhoo I rode through our estate and headed over to South Moor Park...Next thing I notice, mainly because my leg and stump are killing me, working overtime is "My God" what size front and rear cogs does this thing have. I'm used to my Single Speed NS, yes it isn't exactly easy, but dear me I've only done about a mile or two and I'm wrecked.

At the end of South Moor park I get off my new steed and almost puke...Jeez that was hard work. If I'm going to persevere with trying to ride this bike I need to change the cogs, no kidding it feels like riding up hill all the time lol.

A quick few photo's and then I push the bike probably about another mile...It's up hill this bit honest. By now I am proper hurting. My stump feels like it's going to explode and I have the worst phantom pain in my imaginary foot. Maybe pushed it a little to hard.

Whopee on to a nice flat bit of road, this is more like it. I have made the concious decision, yeah think I'll maybe fit a front brake and definitely see about changing the gearing. My thoughts are interrupted and move onto other thoughts when I see this lass in front with the most spectacular rear end...WoW now that's nice. In the meantime I forget about the coaster rear brake, go to stand on the pedals and turn to look around to see if the front looks as good as the rear. That's when  I put the weight on the pedals backwards and this sends me to a sudden stop. The ground broke my fall... Ok just pretend like I meant that to happen.  I'm now nursing a huge lump on the back of my left ankle, the other legs fine it didn't feel a thing. Oh bikes ok too no more scuffs so that's good.

Got home, a bit sore and popped the bike into the bike stand and removed the front chain ring. It's a 44 tooth. Checked the rear it's a 18. So anyone reading this that would like to pitch in with ideas for something a little easier that would be great. I don't want to be spinning, however need to be able to pedal more than 5 miles lol

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Huge thanks to Kath N Kedan over at Bike Bag Dude for my new bike bag

 Firstly I have to say a huge thank you to my friend Ade for taking the time out along with his son Jordan to pop down our local mud covered woods to try and grab a few shots of me out playing and showing off my new Bike Bag which I received from Kath N Kedan and their company Bike Bag Dude.


 Ade had a few problems what with me wearing dark clothing, well I wasn't going to put my Sunday best on I mean the whole place was clarty as owt man. And with the Bike Bag being white, then the day was dull so natural light was cut out, well you get the idea, basically it wasn't the ideal lighting conditions and I think Ade did well to get any shots at all. Me I had tried earlier in the day and well mine came out shit! No literally I took a few photo's of my Sandman next to some horse manure lol.

Who is that masked man?
 Anyhoo I have decided to pop  few images on my blog, there's a few more over at Ade's Flickr page, it can be found here :

Should have gone to Spec Savers

Just Playing
Those Nate's look huge
Well Chuffed with my new Bike Bag Dude bag...
Sploooooosh! Well that didn't stay clean long
 So thanks Ade and Jordan, as usual we had a laugh. Oh and as for my Bike Bag Dude Bag it's awesome. I tried to keep it as clean as possible. I'm sure you will be seeing it featured in a lot more of my adventures, it's really handy as I can now carry stuff that's easy to get to, saves having to keep taking my back pack off. The quality of the bag, the fit,design,feel and looks are all awesome.

Thank you Kath N Kedan

Saturday, 26 October 2013

I need to win the lottery or something to feed my passion, relieve my boredom and keep me feeling young

I guess this is a kind of a wish list of bike porn, with me it's never ending I always see something I want, it's becoming an addiction. My problem like so many others is lack of funds...Ahh well I can dream and I may just have a flutter on the Lottery lol.

Holdsworth Professional Limited to 150 World Wide

 "Oh yes you will be mine"

  • Based on the classic Holdsworth Professional - retro looks with modern design
  • Limited to 150 for the world
  • Full, polished Campagnolo Athena groupset
  • Steel is real - but this one has a carbon fork too

My next play thing I saw a little while back. I have now got my son Kyle hooked on the idea of getting one of these rides. He wants a bike to do his local commute to Uni and back and this I think is the ideal cruiser. Not only that in your spare time you can head off "Klunking"

Kyle's after a Gangster Green
I quite like the look of Klunking Ain't Easy orange

Small outing, small Blog

Just had a quick blast out today, knew the woods I intended riding would be pretty hard going after the recent rainfall. I wasn't wrong. Good job I had my Surly Nate's fitted to my Sandman as it was pretty sketchy in certain places. On a normal bike I would have been bogged down and pushing the majority of the way. The area's where there was no natural cover like beside the farmers field and the breaks between the trees the mud was about 6 inches deep.

" Holy pile of steaming horse Shit Bat...Errrr Sandman!

Thursday, 10 October 2013

A visit to Hamsterley Forest...WoW it was Brass Monkeys

As I drove home from work yesterday I checked out the sky in the general direction of Hamsterley. Thinking to myself  "Mmmmm a session at the gym lifting weights and getting all sweaty" or a nice fun filed afternoon riding down trails surrounded by beautiful scenery. That was it mind made up.

I had spoken to my mate Ade earlier in the week and asked if he felt up to it did he fancy taking a few shots of me whilst out on my bike. It's always better to get someone who can actually use a camera and knows what they are doing, rather than me setting my camera on a 30 second delay then trying to time it just right for a ride by lol.

 I also wanted to try and get some nice shots to pass on to Brian and Pace Rehabilitation who have both been fantastic in their support of me. I know it's not much in the way of payment for all they have done, but at least they can see I'm putting their prosthetic components to good use.

So I called in to Ade's and he said he was up for a look out...Perfect. I told Ade I wouldn't be long and set off to get my gear ready. Well an hour and twenty minutes I was ready... Had a bit of a nightmare finding stuff.

My dad had decided he fancied a ride out so he came along, bringing Mr Hinks too, WoW family affair lol.

We had just pulled out the corner of our street when Ade rocked up along with his son Jordan and so  we set off for Hammers.

Inside the car the weather looked gorgeous, the sun was shining and there were blue skies. We arrived at Hammers and I opened my door and OMG it was FFFFFFF!!! Freezing. Very windy too. The car temp gauge read around about 8 degs C, however what with that wind it felt much colder. Never mind here now so may as well have a bit play. It was then I discovered I'd left my XC helmet...aww crap. Good job I'd brought my full face.

I hadn't rode up at Hamsterley for ages so just hopped on my bike and set off down the Red Trail. WoW his was totally different to what I remembered it, some canny drops and ups n downs. I got to the bottom in what seemed a matter of no time and rode along to the hut then turned left and headed up the steep hill. I was on my NS Soda, which is quite heavy and only has 10 speed gearing and was quite chuffed that I got 3/4 of the way up the hill. I even passed a couple of fellow bikers who commented saying "hey have you got a motor hidden on that thing" lol. I wish I was flippin knackered.

I then caught up with Ade and Jordan, my dad was off somewhere exploring with Mr H. We had a nice slow walk down the trail and picked some nice places to get a few shots. It was difficult for Ade as the sun was really bright and behind me in each shot as I rode down.

Finally as we were getting real cold by then I decided to have one last ride down the trail wearing my new WizMount. Again I think I've misjudged the camera angle, this is going to take practice lol Never mind will keep trying.

Hopefully Ade will have some canny photo's for me and I'll post them and add them to the end of this blog. Until then here's a short movie of me coming down the trail.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Out and about on My NS Analog SS

Mmmmmm what to do I thought... I know I'll reset my GoPro and go for a nice relaxing ride out on my Single Speed and see what sort of image quality I can get, as yesterdays footage was a bit pants.

I had myself a zig-zag up to my Aunt and Uncle's in Annfield Plain. I Hadn't seen them since I got back from my holidays. When I arrived my other auntie was there too . My Aunty Ann, so we had a right old gossip and a catch up. I even got treated to some fruit pie and custard, well worth the ride out lol.

I've decided to write less and basically let the video I shot show you my route lol

Oh and I made a cock up with my camera too shooting in 960 instead of 1080 so it was in 4:3 LoL

Saturday, 5 October 2013

New friends,new places and unforgettable memories.

                           Well I'm back from my holiday's and what a holiday. Actually it's funny, as in weird saying holiday as my last one was when I was around 14 or 15 and that was only a school trip to London. This time around I ventured a little bit further afield and chose The US of A as my destination.

I'm going to try and write not so much that I bore you all, however enough to tell you about the fantastic time I had.

I took the 4th of September off work, this was my get everything sorted day, packing my new hard case and trying to get it under 23 kilo's was errrr interesting. I had already done a dry run a few days earlier and discovered that  the new size medium case I had purchased wasn't quite big enough after I bust the zipper... Oops! So I had to go out and buy a larger case.

On the morning of the 5th my dad took me to Newcastle airport. My flight was quite early and we got there in good time. I said goodbye to Mr Hinks and my dad came with me into the airport. I headed for check in. Everything went according to plan, which is quite unusual for me lol. And so I said bye to Ern and I set off up the escalator to departures.

I found my way around Newcastle airport reasonably well,finding where I would board my plane without incident and just waited to be notified when it was time to board. Boy I was nervous, though not as much as I expected. I mean this was a huge thing for me full of firsts. I've never been abroad,I've never flown (well apart from a quick jaunt in a helicopter doing some ariel military type manoeuvres) and I've never been away from home for quite so long.

My plane arrived I got on,stowed my bag in the overhead compartment,strapped in and prepared for my first flight, which was to be Amsterdam and Schiphol airport. The take off was scary yet exhilarating and after the initial buzz I soon settled in feeling comfortable and excited about my  adventure. It was a very pleasant flight over and the landing was nice and smooth, a slight bump as the plane set down on the runway. Hey there's nothing to this flying stuff I thought.

Newcastle Airport and me messing with my phone

Hedley Hall Woods, experimenting with my WizMount

Had a really fun ride out today. I didn't go too far just over to Hedley Hall Woods, thought it would be a good place to try out my new WizMount Backpack. I have to say whilst the day was fun I was very disappointed in the footage I got.Oh it wasn't the WizMount it was my new GoPro Hero 3. When I got it home and had a chance to look at the video it appeared quite blurry and washed out. I haven't experienced this with my GoPro Hero 2, well apart from when it used to get misted up, however I bought some little de-mist pads and haven't encountered the problem since.

I've read a few forums and they suggest updating the firmware on the GoPro, so I have done that tonight. Guess I will see how it preforms on it's next outing.
Back to today, the woods were great fun, mind you I should have had my Surly Nates on as I was slipping and sliding all over on my worn Larry's, guess it added to the fun in a way got some nice skids and kind of made me work harder on the hills.

Not a bad day for a bit play on the Sandman
 I managed to fall off twice today, once whilst stationary and not paying attention. I couldn't clip out and was over on my prosthetic side and once as I leant under a tree branch and my camera mount got stuck. It was canny funny really as it pulled me straight off my bike. No harm done to either rider or bike, Oh and my Bartlett Tendon stood up to the fall as well as being caked in mud.


 Got home around 2:30'ish I think and gave both my bike and BTK a hose down. I then re-lubed my Bartlett Tendon. Trying to really look after this one, not that I didn't with the other. It's just I think sand got into the main shaft of my other knee and destroyed the frame. Brian was good enough to replace my knee with one of his own whilst I was away so I can continue to ride and have loads of fun like on today's adventure.

Looking through my Oakley's

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A little video riding in Logan Utah with fantastic friends

I know this isn't the best video in the world, it wasn't planned. Basically my friend Mark strapped my new Hero3 on to his bike and we just rode and enjoyed the day and boy did we enjoy the day. This was one of those days that I will forever cherish, great trails,beautiful scenery and terrain and awesome friends.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Rode to Hedley Hall Woods and had my breakfast

I haven't been up to much this weekend the weathers been a bit pants and I've been feeling shall we say a little less motivated.

Anyhoo got up this morning and seeings as I'm off work and the gym is closed so I can't fit in my regular session I decided to head out for a short ride over to Hedley Hall Woods, take a spot of breakfast and try and get used to taking a few shots with my new camera.

Excuse the helmet hair...

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Neglecting my blog

It's been a while since I blogged, this isn't because I have been busy doing nothing, No it's more a case of I've been busy doing lots of stuff, however most of it I haven't got images of and well it's rather boring just reading.

My holiday is just about all sorted, off for a rather exciting trip to the U.S.A .I have a few minor things to do, stuff like getting my phone unlocked...well actually seeing if my phone is unlocked in the first place,as I bought it from the Carphone Warehouse and the nice girl I spoke to in the shop said 99% of their handsets are unlocked when you get them. I need my phone unlocked so that I can pop a US Sim card in and this will allow me to use my phone at a cheap rate. I'm useless with directions so will no doubt need Google maps to navigate around and the data usage can be ever so expensive. 

Looking forward to my trip away, all sorts of emotions going on, mainly excited, however also a tad nervous. Just hope my fitness level will be up to the demands of riding in the U.S with my friends out there. 

Completed a 47 mile ride to the coast and back today on my Sandman, boy I was wrecked when I got in. Just trying to improve on my fitness. I'm trying to ride as much as possible and I'm also attending the gym 3 days per week. I don't appear to be putting on much muscle, however have shed a few pounds, though from where I don't know. I still have more of a mini keg, rather than a six pack lol. Maybe it's off my stump as my bloody prosthetic leg keeps coming off. At the moment I have had to put some laminate flooring underlay inside my socket and it's stuck in place with Duct Tape lol.

Anyhoo onto something with pictures. Last week I met up with my friend Ade down at St Mary's and he very kindly took some shots of me out playing on the beach and splashing around in the water on the causeway. As usual my Bartlett Tendon was up to the job and preformed flawlessly.

Messing about on the rocky outcrop just before the tide came in
WoW the rocks were slippy where the seaweed was
It was a beautiful day, nice cooling breeze blowing from inland. Bonus, only fell off my bike once today, slight scuff on my elbow. It's murder when I fall to my prosthetic side as I just can't unclip to get my leg down and save myself. Worst thing is when I know it's going to happen. Usually you just hear me say "OH Crap"... then I'm off, falling on whatever lol. Actually fell off today when coming back from today's outing. My own fault I was too busy looking around to see where the ambulance siren was coming from and hit a kerb lol.

Splish Splash
This was so much fun Wheeeee!!!
More Fun
Oh I do like to be beside the seaside
On the causeway as the tide was coming in

Playing in the water
Huge thanks to Ade.the.Tog and his lovely wife Amanda oh and my support team (Ern my dad) We all  had a really enjoyable day.

Photo's property of Ade.the Tog