Thursday, 31 May 2012

Playing on my Single Speed in a local skate bowl

On my NS Analog riding a curve 
(photo courtesy CYM Imaging)

A small hop 
(photo courtesy CYM Imaging)

Just cruising around in the wet 
(photo courtesy CYM Imaging)

Sandman in Meta Bief by Martín Campoy

I know my Blog looks a little disorganized, just bare with me as I have a lot to share with you. I'm trying to go back from 2007 when I first had my amputation, right up to the present and  beyond. So there will be a mixture of pictures,video's,stories and hopefully other stuff you find interesting. It won't be all bikes, even though that plays a huge part in my life. Anyhoo hope you enjoy my Blog.

Cheers Glenn

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

WoW I love my Bartlett Tendon (photo Courtesy of CYM Imaging)

Bit of freeriding at Beamish Woods

Testing out my Bartlett Tendon, doing a few jumps (photo courtesy of CYM Imaging)

A cute little Knog adjustable spanner I bought.

Roadie Tricks

Mr Hinks


Just told Mr Hinks a joke, a man goes to the zoo, it only had one animal it was a dog, it was a Shitzu :D

Here's one of my best m8's,Mr Hinks my English Bull Terrier

Me and wor Hinks. I met up with him when Ern had him out for a walk down Beamish woods, so took a photo opportunity.

A few pic's of my bikes

My NS Analog single speed, this bike is so much fun,planning a route and zig zagging around town, reminds me of my BMX days :)
My newest acquisition a Sandman Hoggar Ti. I am an ambassador for Sandman Bikes and lucky enough to have the first one here in the UK,. Watch this space as I'll be updating with more new pictures of me and my Sandman's adventures.
This was my Propain Rage. I sold her  to help fund my new bike, my Sandman Hoggar Ti. Was really sad to see her go,she was a cracking ride :)
Here's my Ibis Mojo SL when she was new way back in 2007. I still have her, she's a bit rough round the edges but still a great ride :)

Here I am meeting my hero Mr Brian Bartlett at Hampden Park Interntional Football Stadium

WoW not often you get to meet your hero :)

I hooked up with Brian the designer of the Bartlett Tendon up at Hampden Park. I can't thank Pace Rehab and Strathclyde University enough for helping to gett Brian over here to demonstrate his knee. Things have really moved on and I'm now very honoured and privileged to be sponsored by the man himself Brian Bartlett.

For more details of the Bartlett Universal Knee System visit 

Me alongside Jamie Gillespie of Pace Rehabilitation and Ollie Smith of Ossur

My early riding days, here I am down at Pace Rehab in Chesham with Jamie & Ollie. I was trying out a riding specific socket designed by Jamie and also had the opportunity to test out a pre-launch liner which is now in production ( the Ossur X5 Seal in.)

My leg January 6th 2006

Not for the squeamish ;)


Well that wasn't supposed to happen lol (my leg in 2006)

A couple of X-Rays of my Kotz Prosthesis

Here's an X-ray of the Kotz Prosthesis I had in my leg for 12 years, it was put in in June 96 and departed along with my leg September 11th 2007

X-Ray of my Kotz Prosthesis

Some shots of me riding at St Mary's Lighthouse

Skidding on the Beach 
(photo Courtesy of CYM Imaging)

Showing of my Pace Rehab Jersey, cheers Pace :)
 (photo Courtesy of CYM Imaging)

A splash in the wash
 (photo Courtesy of CYM Imaging)

WoW that stuffs slippy 
(photo Courtesy of CYM Imaging)

Popping a wheelie on the causeway
 (photo Courtesy of CYM Imaging)

Ooh a fishing we will go :) 
 (photo Courtesy of CYM Imaging)

Bunny Hopping  
(photo Courtesy of CYM Imaging)

On beach patrol 
(photo Courtesy of CYM Imaging)

Out the saddle on the causeway  
(photo Courtesy of CYM Imaging)

Cruising the beach  
(photo Courtesy of CYM Imaging)

My catalogue pose  
(photo Courtesy of CYM Imaging)

Playing around the rocks  
(photo Courtesy of CYM Imaging)

              The Following Images were shot by Helen Taylor 
                        On Behalf of Ade @ CYM Imaging 

Bit of a Jump

Me on my Propain Rage at Chopwell Woods, just rode out the Bomb Hole. I've since sold my Propain to fund my new bike the Sandman 
(photo courtsey of CYM Imaging Dec 2011)

My No1 Supporter, Ern, my Dad

My dad, also known as "The Ern" one of my greatest supporters, cheers da. Here he is gearing up for a spot of downhill lol

My Bartlett Tendon ( )

Here's my Bartlett Tendon in all it's glory (Dec 2011) checkout for more details

Stuck in the Mud

A quick clip of me rolling off whilst on my way home. I thought the council had gravelled the whole trail. My fault for not checking it out and trying to land on the thin concrete slabs that had been put there as a path through the mud, takes me ages to hop out of the mud and get going again lol

On the rocks at St Mary's beach

St Mary's,a little rock riding 
(photo courtesy of CYM Imaging)

Riding on the Causeway at St Mary's Lighthouse

Riding on St Mary's Causeway 
(photo courtesy of CYM Imaging)