Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A few pic's of my bikes

My NS Analog single speed, this bike is so much fun,planning a route and zig zagging around town, reminds me of my BMX days :)
My newest acquisition a Sandman Hoggar Ti. I am an ambassador for Sandman Bikes and lucky enough to have the first one here in the UK,. Watch this space as I'll be updating with more new pictures of me and my Sandman's adventures.
This was my Propain Rage. I sold her  to help fund my new bike, my Sandman Hoggar Ti. Was really sad to see her go,she was a cracking ride :)
Here's my Ibis Mojo SL when she was new way back in 2007. I still have her, she's a bit rough round the edges but still a great ride :)


  1. Just flicking through some of your blogs and the pic of your bike in the kitchen made me laugh ... Lee always loves to work on his bike in the kitchen - and I go mad when I'm trying to cook at the same time ! LOL

    1. That's nowt man Michelle... I used to have motorbikes when I was a teenager and visited Westgate Road religiously on a Saturday with my pals. My mam and dad where away this one particular weekend and i just happened to blow my bike up. So I thought as it was rather cold outside and not very well lit in wor shed i would just bring my bike in and strip it down in our front room.

      Long story short my mam wasn't impressed the next morning when she returned home early with my dad. Boy was I for the high jump. My dad bless him couldn't see the problem lol

  2. LMAO - sounds like you had a great time as a kid and I imagine loads of good stories to tell !