Monday, 25 June 2012

The Castle Keep Newcastle

Decided to have a ride to Newcastle so it was a case of up over what we call the "farmers field" trail. this brings you out at "No Place" yes that really is the name of the village, down to Beamish and get onto the C2C. I then followed this down to Birtley and got off the C2C and made my way up Birtley High Street, heading for Lamsley and onto the Team Valley. It was then a case of reconnecting onto the C2C and eventually coming out to ride along the River Tyne. I then crossed over the Swing Bridge and made my way up towards the Castle Keep. A few quick photo's and then a leisurely ride back home, roughly a 27 mile loop.

The Castle Keep of Newcastle upon Tyne was built by Henry II between 1168-1178, it is one of the finest surviving examples of a Norman Keep in the country.
It stands within a site that also contains: an early motte and bailey castle built by Robert Curthose, the son of William the Conqueror: an Anglo-Saxon cemetery and a Roman Fort (Pons Aelius).
The Castle Keep is a Grade 1 listed building, a Scheduled Ancient monument, and is open to the public 361 days of the year as a heritage visitor attraction. Owned by Newcastle City Council it is leased to and managed by the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne, the second oldest antiquarian society in the world.

It's nice to see bikes are available for hire so visitors can checkout the area.

Sandman at the Entrance to the Keep


  1. Lived here all my life and never even visited The Keep. You've inspired me to visit it so will plan it soon.

    1. Hi Michelle

      Did you know that the Castle keep is the oldest structure in Newcastle dating back to the 11th century? WoW x

  2. No I didn't - you're full of interesting knowledge. They must fight over you to get them on their team for the pub quiz ! :)

  3. You know what it is, it's because when I drive to work on a morning I listen to BBC Radio Newcastle and there is always local trivia on. I have loads of useless stuff floating around inside my head, yet can't retain the important stuff lol