Monday, 4 June 2012

A Day out Playing @ Ajax Woods

 I decided to get to grips with my GoPro,after having one or two problems, notably when I got my camera the spare battery being buggered and running out after 10 secs or so!!!
 I thought today might be a nice day to experiment. I had been out for a ride last week on the Derwent Walk and got my eye on a nice place just to practice with my camera.  Here's some various shots of the day.

Playing @ Ajax Woods

Riding through the long grass

Beautiful Countryside and Views
Here's Mr Hinks about to jump on my son, Kyle

Kyle just coming over the rise
My son, wor Kyle
Hinks, having a breather after running around


  1. Turned out to be a great place for some pics mate. Well done. I love the first shot especially.

  2. Yeah it's beautiful down in that area. I only explored a little bit of it too. Lovely place on a hot day to have a nice picnic,it's quite quiet and you can just relax.